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Nevada City Psychic Fair at Miners Foundry

Grace Forrest
Special to Prospector

Nevada City's 28th Annual Psychic Fair returns to the Miners Foundry Cultural Center Saturday and Sunday. The Psychic Fair is considered Northern California's largest gathering of metaphysical teachers, seers, crafters and readers.

For people interested in alternative medicine to those curious about the mystical, this year's Psychic Fair offers attendees an array of vendors including psychics, medical intuitives, acupuncturists, massage therapists, herbalists, and alchemists. Take in a lecture or workshop and gain information and knowledge, re-kindle a past fascination, or discover a new interest.

"This event attracts many of California's top healers, readers and metaphysicians," explains Marza Millar, producer of the psychic fair. "We live in a unique community that has a very high yield of talented people who offer their skills on helping others."

The Psychic Fair marketplace also features one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry, clothes, and accessories, natural skincare products, gem essences, crystals, and much more. This year's marketplace features several new vendors included readers from as far as Reno and San Francisco. Plus there will be a new crystal dealer who specializes in Tibetan crystals.

"As the earth shifts in frequency, we find that many more people have the ability and desire to help others through the modality of clairvoyance," says Millar.

One of those is Ursela Rabe, who was voted the "Best Animal Communicator in the World" and other top awards in the "2016/2017 National and International Rank of the United States & The World's Best Practitioners of Divinatory Arts."

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"It is wonderful to know that my work is so appreciated," said Rabe, who is on the cover of several internationally published books and magazines.

Rabe was offered a reality TV show on Animal Planet called #1 Pet Psychic, but she said she decided that the show was going to take too much energy away from her work and turned down the offer.


Born in Germany, Rabe could feel unseen suffering from animals and plants from a very young age, but didn't know her talent was unusual until much later. Even as a child, Rabe was passionate about arranging the flowers in her parents' hotel and her innate love for beauty eventually inspired her to master the art of Feng Shui.

Rabe went on to study Reiki in South Africa and Astrology in Brazil, and as her interests grew, she became more focused on her passion for helping animals. Eventually she quit her job in international business, the practical degree her parents had encouraged her to get, and devoted herself to her true calling.

She communicates with animals through images she sees in her mind, sensations she feels, or words she hears. Rabe doesn't always know what some of the unusual messages she receives mean and will check with the owners to gain clarity. One time while visiting a cat, Rabe received an image of jicama, baffled she asked the owner what this could mean and the owner confirmed that the cat loved crunchy vegetables.

Rabe's voice is low with a soft European accent that gives her words a warmness. Her clients remark that Rabe radiates a grounded tranquility that their animals respond to immediately.

Her life now is devoted to animals. She spends her days working with clients from all over the world as well as going on local house calls and visiting animal shelters to give advice and comfort to the animals.


Rabe was originally nominated in five categories for the annual vote conducted by Times Square Press, New York, in conjunction with the Federation of American Lightworkers. However, so many people nominated her, that she ended up winning in seven categories and received the sixth most votes out of the 17,000 people from 83 countries.

"It is highly unusual for someone who works with animals to receive so many votes," Rabe says. "Usually the highest numbers of votes go to psychics for people," she smiled. "It's a good thing I got second in something, it makes it more believable.

A longtime friend and colleague of Rabe's, Vickie Gay (voted best Psychic Medium in the world) nominated Rabe.

"I don't recommend people on a fluke," Gay said. "Ursela I trust. I know that she does good work and that is why I recommended her."


Rabe lives in Penn Valley and just adopted a senior special needs rescue dog. She continues to devote her time to animals and has just accepted a board position at "Daisy's Senior Paw Connection," a new animal rescue in Grass Valley.

"Treat your animals with love and respect, don't underestimate them, they are much smarter and much more sensitive than most people think. Their reasoning is different than ours, but that does not make it less valid nor less intelligent," Rabe cautions.

For more information please visit: and

or contact Rabe by phone at 530-432-9365

The Psychic Fair is also a fundraiser for the Miners Foundry Cultural Center. For over 150 years the Miners Foundry has been the hub of culture, innovation, creativity, and community in Nevada County. Proceeds from this event go towards the care and preservation of this historic building.

Grace Forrest is a freelance writer in Grass Valley. She can be contacted at


What: 28th Annual Psychic Fair

When: Saturday & Sunday, April 8 & 9 -Hours Saturday 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where: Miners Foundry Cultural Center, 325 Spring St., Nevada City

Tickets: $5 at the door

Information: or call (530) 265-5040

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