Music & dance: An intimate evening with Ludi Hinrichs/Randy McKean Duo & Shadow Cabinet |

Music & dance: An intimate evening with Ludi Hinrichs/Randy McKean Duo & Shadow Cabinet

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Shadow Cabinet is a collective of fundamentally process-oriented movers and musicians who explore diverse themes through imrpovisation and presentation.

On Wednesday, June 13, the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center will present "Bone Dust Prayers," an evening of music and dance with the groups Shadow Cabinet and the Ludi Hinrichs/Randy McKean Duo.

Shadow Cabinet is a collective of movers and musicians exploring diverse themes through improvisation and presentation. Fundamentally process-oriented, Shadow Cabinet generates material through group explorations, then hones a "score" that guides the performance.

"Bone Dust Prayers" is the culmination of six months of movement investigations by the collective. A major theme of the work is the mother and the challenges and joys of the mother-child relationship — how as children we individuate, seek comfort, and test the boundaries, and how as mothers we carry the burdens of continuity and fulfillment.

Director Azriel LaMarca said, "This process has been a way for me to bring out some of my hidden dreams, the ones that haunt me, and see if they resonate outside of myself. I look forward to sharing the tapestry of images and dances that we have developed."

This intimate performance at the North Columbia Schoolhouse will feature the current incarnation of Shadow Cabinet: dancers Shari Brookler, Amber Cone, Maxima Kahn, Azriel LaMarca, Juliet Lin, Marcy Risque, and Trina Spiller and musicians Murray Campbell and Randy McKean.

McKean, playing saxophone and clarinets, will begin the evening with a set of pieces with long-time collaborator Ludi Hinrichs, on trombone and keyboards. Both hail from the Midwest and were raised in the strong concert and symphonic musical traditions found there; each gravitated toward jazz, improvisation, and ultimately composition as the means of synthesizing their respective influences into an individualized sound.

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McKean and Hinrichs' work as a duo draws upon their shared musical vocabulary while highlighting their unique musical worlds.


WHAT: Bone Dust Prayers — An intimate evening of music & dance with Ludi Hinrichs/Randy McKean Duo & Shadow Cabinet

WHEN: 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 13

WHERE: North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, 17894 Tyler Foote Rd., Nevada City

TICKETS: $15 advance/$18 at the door

INFO: Visit for more information

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