Monkey see, monkey do? |

Monkey see, monkey do?

Julie Chiarelli, KVMR 89.5 FM's general manager.
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Jeez, how do you make a survey sexy?

Maybe it’s the monkey …

“Ah, well, I guess we’re going with the Survey Monkey theme, but maybe it’s representative of our collective monkey minds,” notes a smiling KVMR 89.5 FM General Manager Julie Chiarelli. “We’re always running around with new thoughts and ideas and trying to make some sense and practical good of it all.”

Well, something has clicked so far with the Nevada City non-commercial radio station’s 2017 Community Survey, which drew over 500 respondents its first week alone on the station’s home page — (Um, just look for the monkey at the computer.)

KVMR hadn’t even started promoting the darn thing on air yet, and 500 responses?

“Survey Monkey is so easy,” Chiarelli said. “Really … I’m not kidding. Check it out. I’ve never met a more use-friendly survey tool.”

“Here’s the thing — we have a great time in our studios, playing our favorite music, talking about interesting information, hosting local or touring musicians, but the point of the exercise, more importantly than us having a good time (which is definitely important) is to connect with our community in a deep and meaningful way,” said Chiarelli.

“We need our listeners — and potential listeners — to tell us how to craft what we do that makes them want to participate.”


And just how does KVMR hope to use the Survey?

“The KVMR Community Advisory Board has signed on to help compile and analyze the input we received from the survey, and we’ll be using the information to help us, most importantly, strategize ways to best meet future community needs in terms of music, news and informational programming as well as town halls, festivals, special events and other collaborative efforts.”

Gee, get this Chiarelli talking…

“We would love to know our community better – in terms of what they’re listening to, how they listen, when they listen and what’s important to them in terms of service from their community radio station.”

“Are we providing on-air programs they value? Is there valuable programming we could provide that we don’t? Are there off-air community collaborations we could participate in that we currently are not? How do people see KVMR playing a continuing vibrant role in our listening area?”

The two previous radio stations where Chiarelli worked “only received audience listener statistics from very expensive national rating services. Now numbers are good to know, but it’s retrospective. It only tells you whether programming is being heard.”

“It (ratings) doesn’t provide good feedback to help craft where you’re headed. Our type of survey is really aimed directly toward our local community and the results are immediately accessible and easy to gather.”

In other words, KVMR isn’t monkeying around with this survey thing.

And you’ve only got until Aug. 31 to give the radio station a piece of your mind at … and it’s only 15 questions long, to boot.

Monkey see, monkey do.


Okay, is there a recipe for a successful loving relationship?

“He Said, She Said” co-hosts Paul Sanders (therapist) and Harriet Diamond (life coach) think so, and they’ll talk about it this Friday at noon (89.5 FM, streaming).

“People have already told us some of their ingredients,” notes Harriet. You can call in with yours during the hour-long program at 530-265-9555.


KVMR will open its phone lines Monday during The Morning Show (530-265-9555, 7-10 a.m., 89.5 FM, streaming) to let listeners call in with their impressions of that morning’s Partial/Total Eclipse, including science correspondent Al Stahler, who’ll be watching it in Idaho with fellow astronomers.

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