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Local photographers featured at Sacramento art center

In May Viewpoint Photographic Art Center will present the work of photographers and Nevada City residents Steve Solinsky and Frank Francis, according to a press release.

Steve has been a professional photographer for over 50 years and has an extensive body of work having exhibited throughout the country. For this exhibit he will share a retrospective of images created during his substantial career. Frank Francis has also exhibited extensively and will share images that were taken as part of a series of journeys, over many years, on the rivers of India, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Each has a particular view of how they experience and create their photography — both distinct and yet similar at the same time. Steve’s work shares echoing views from his years of Buddhist practice seeing the artist’s role as that of a spiritual wanderer, challenged to reframe the collective conventional world to which we’re all so highly conditioned, into a liberated view that reveals the surprises, subtle beauty, meaning and splendor of all that surrounds us. Frank sees the world through the eyes of a wander as well. Capturing the simplicity of the world around him in all its splendor and reimaging it for us as he does so through a photographic lens. Both seeing so much more than the human eye can capture alone.

Solinsky says this about his work “Imagery has been a doorway — image-making is my intuitive path to engage visions that evoke fascination, wonder and awe in the mystery of being. It celebrates the flow of inspired and diverse visions from my exploration of this amazing planet.”

Frances’ exhibit examines his life-changing trip to India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. “The photographs in this exhibit focus on the last part of the journey, Bangladesh. I have tried to capture simplicity and quietude as a form of beauty on the great rivers of Bangladesh. There life, largely devoid of mechanization, is one of toil with dignity, a life of barter and exchange centered on the rivers and fishermen, with their antique boats and nets. Early morning was the divine time, a time of softness, radiance and mystery.”

Each has captured images in a way only they can conceive —distinct, compelling and awe-inspiring. This joint exhibit by two master photographers offers a reimagining of the world around us for those who are up for taking the trip.

Source: Viewpoint Photographic Art Center


WHO: Photographers Steve Solinsky and Frank Francis

WHAT: Exhibit Titles: Steve Solinsky: Of Stillness and Light; Frank Frances: Along the Wide Rivers of Bangladesh

WHEN: Exhibit runs May 11 though June 4. 2nd Saturday Reception: May 14, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Artists’ Reception with Solinsky and Francis: May 15, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m.

WHERE: Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, 2015 J Street, Sacramento

"Elegance in the brickyard“ by Franck Francis.
Photo by Frank Francis
“A Wakening to the Dawn” by Steve Solinsky.
Photo by Steve Solinsky

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