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KVMR’s ‘A Word in Edgewise’ live at the Open Book in Grass Valley

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KVMR's long-running show "A Word in Edgewise: Storytime for Grownups" presents an evening of live readings and music at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Open Book, 671 Maltman Drive in Grass Valley, featuring Edgewise contributors John Bivens, Meri St. Mary, Scott Namanny and Vicky Stanton, with host T. E. Wolfe.

Combining spoken word and music in the style of the radio show, each reader will be paired with a musician (or musicians) for an evening of unique entertainment. Tickets are $10 at the door.

KVMR broadcaster Vicky Stanton, despite having studied French, Latin, and ancient Greek in high school, prefers to read stories in English.

Scott Namanny is, in his own words, "an occasional contributor to KVMR," and seriously thought that would suffice as a bio. Fortunately, others recall his glorious service in the Gas Food Theater comedy troupe and all-ages hit band Musical Robot.

Punk poet chanteuse Meri St. Mary is an author, musician (Housecoat Project), artist, and current host of the beloved KVMR program The Underground Sound.

T.E. Wolfe is a local actor, broadcaster, and creator of the Edgewise radio program, now entering its tenth year on KVMR. Adapting stories from one medium to another is his favorite obsession; he sends his thanks to all for supporting his habit.

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Light refreshments will be available to purchase at the event.

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