Joslyn Fillman: An introduction of sorts |

Joslyn Fillman: An introduction of sorts

Joslyn Fillman
Features Editor

I’ve been working behind the scenes at The Union newspaper for nearly two years now — designing pages and editing copy. The team here took a chance on me — a recent college graduate with a degree in literature and historical studies — with little to no newspaper experience, but a whole lot of enthusiasm. There’s nothing like a crash course to get you up to speed.

In my time here at the paper I’ve worked with incredible features editors who’ve brought new perspective, passion and life to these pages. And I’ve learned more about the depth, creativity and beat of this community I grew up in. There’s a lot to do in Nevada County, certainly more than I remember from years ago when I was a teenager clamoring to get out.

It’s undeniable. If you love art, music, dance, theater, food — you never need to be bored. Every weekend a show, a dinner, a fest. Catch a movie at any of our theaters, a cabaret show on a Monday evening, an artist gallery downtown. Try craft brews at the fairgrounds, step back in time at Empire Mine, watch those vintage cars roll down Main Street, or cruise under the pines. There’s a little bit of something for everyone.

I’ve enjoyed my time on the desk. I’ve read your columns, your letters to the editor, event calendars, reviews, features, press releases, hard-hitting news, and everything else that makes its way into the pages of The Union and Prospector. The pages of Prospector are always filled to the brim with the things that matter to this community — the things we put our time and energy into.

My work at the desk continues, putting together a weekly publication, a what-to-do guide for arts and entertainment in Nevada County. But now I have the honor of getting out of the office, meeting all of you, covering (and enjoying) all this county has to offer. I’m excited for this new beat.

Joslyn Fillman is the features editor at The Union. You can reach her at 530-477-4256 or

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