Jennifer Nobles: True blue |

Jennifer Nobles: True blue

Some of you may remember that last week I batted about the question of what is your least favorite song? The one you truly could banish from existence if given the chance?

Now, with a decidedly more positive outlook, I ask: what is your favorite song? Not your favorite song at the moment, but the tune that no matter how much time has gone by, you find yourself gravitating to. To bend the question a bit: what song would you want played at your memorial?

For me the answer is as easy for me as it is unexpected for some of my friends. There is no other song on Earth I can think of wanting to hear more than Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue.” I remember from a very young age being drawn to it; there is something about that piece of music that can enthrall and compel me, and send shivers up my spine as I marvel at its beauty.

Punk rock has always been my genre of choice, if we’re being honest, so despite my love for a basic three-chord progression, Gershwin has my heart.

The first time I saw the “Rhapsody” performed live, I remember closing my eyes and taking deep breaths out of necessity. It was the most beautiful thing I ever heard (aside from the first time I heard my nephew laugh). As the overture reached its climax, I closed my eyes and held my hand to my heart, as if I could bottle that magnificent feeling it gave me. I’m a crier, so you know I wept as the final moments of the piece were played, at once peaceful and thunderous.

This, to me, exemplifies the power of music and its ability to strike a chord within a person. All my life I’ve been surrounded by music, and in some cases it has defined who I am. I’ve made my living in music, have several close family members who are exceptional musicians, and my hearing is now woefully impaired because of all the concerts I have attended sans earplugs.

So this week the theme is: what is your favorite song? What do you want people to hear that would cause them to think of you? In this case, I bleed blue.


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