Jennifer Nobles: A simple note of thanks |

Jennifer Nobles: A simple note of thanks

I would like to start with just three words: “wow” and “thank you.”

A few weeks ago I announced via this column I would be undergoing surgery to remove a questionable lump in my breast. The second I submitted it I became a terrified. What had I done? Now everybody – and I do mean everybody – would know this most personal piece of information, and all from my own pen. I even worried that some might be offended by the fact that I mentioned the “b” word: breast.

As soon as the edition hit newsstands the feedback began. Much to my surprise, they weren’t messages of distaste or disgust. They were messages of support, love, and quick healing. I received cards, letters, and emails from people I know and many I had never met before. I received notes from breast cancer survivors who knew all too well what I was dealing with.

The overlying message was: thank you for sharing your story.

I was gobsmacked. Not only did I not expect anyone to really care, but I never expected the incredible words of encouragement I received.

To all of you who wrote or called me, thank you. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed and I am so lucky to be part of a community that supports its neighbors. The surgery and healing process has been made better knowing you are rooting for me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t send a huge thank you to the wonderful team of doctors and nurses who cared for me at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. What a remarkable group to have behind me.

Linda Aeschliman, you are an angel. Thank you for listening to my concerns and for really taking time to get to know me. I can’t thank you enough for your gentle and warm conversation, your dog expertise, and of course for my new stuffed friend Aurora.

To Cece in the Surgery Department, it is comforting to know there are people like you who love your profession so much. I appreciate your knowledge and passion and was lucky to have you working so hard for me, as well as all your patients.

Dr. Thomas Boyle, your illustrative descriptions and thoughtful ways of explaining the procedure made it all so less daunting. See you in three months!

My sweet (actually, I think they are the sweetest) neighbors Tara and Seth Kellermann: Andy and I aren’t used to having neighbors helping and looking out for us. We are so appreciative of the delicious, nutritious meal you provided. Thank you.

Valerie Costa, you peach, you make the best soup ever. We’re truly blessed to have you as a friend.

And to my colleagues at The Union who have selflessly helped during my absence and beyond, I owe you. You have been so understanding and supportive. I couldn’t be more grateful. This might call for a cake or something.


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