How will you Binge the Fringe? |

How will you Binge the Fringe?

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The Nugget Fringe Festival will be in full swing starting on Thursday, Jan. 18, and running until Sunday, Jan. 28, with 40 different shows to offer.
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Do you love your president? What would you ask Death if you were allowed one question? Ever seen a group of menopausal women do improvisational comedy?

These are just a few of the questions posed by this year’s Nugget Fringe Theater Festival beginning Thursday, Jan. 18, and running for just two weekends.

Over a hundred artists of the stage will converge in downtown Grass Valley for the largest rural Fringe Festival in North America to bring you one hundred twenty performances of forty different shows.

“The record setter last year saw seventeen shows. You just can’t see them all,” said festival director Scott Ewing. “We encourage everyone to come to our opening event to whittle it down and make plans to binge the fringe.”

With 40 different shows on offer, including local artists and lively artists from around the world, folks are invited to the “Gold Fever” kickoff event starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 18, at 151 Union Square. It is free to those who purchase a one-time $3 festival entry pass required for entry to any show.

“At times we’ll have six shows running at once. Planning out your time in advance ensures you’ll be able to see everything you want to see,” Ewing said.


The Iron Door at The Holbrooke is our venue for stand-up comedy.

The Arletta Douglass room at The Holbrooke features two magicians, menopausal women performing improv, a comedy duel, a live orchestra accompanied by a computer, and a look at bipolar mood disorder.

The Off Center Stage is host to A Tribute to Sam Shepard including his most obscure play and a new play by Scott Ewing, “Figmentally,” a genre-defying show for all ages, “Mary Brave Eyes,” a new local play for all ages about bullying, “Let’s Misbehave Burlesque,” an accordion fight show, one about a young man’s deal with his weekend dad to take him to Disneyland, and one about living with a vagina.

The Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains boasts two venues. The solo show venue will showcase a show about getting fired from Silicon Valley for talking chick stuff, one about sex-addicts, epileptics and mathematicians, another about a rebellious immigrant, and a show about a rebellion in 1934 that lead to the labor movement.

The venue also hosts unique Nugget Fringe originals “Eclectigoria,” a collection of short pieces, and “The 3-Hour Plays,” wherein writers are given a prompt and write plays performed three hours later.

The main room there is host to two shows by Douglass Truth. In the first, a woman goes into a bar, meets Death, and agrees to take over his job. In the second, the woman, Death Herself, takes audience questions about death.

Another show journals a performer’s attempt to return to Vietnam to perform his show about the war under threat of arrest. There is a musical puppet tragi-comedy about the current administration.

And, the darling solo performer of the bay area returns with the world premiere of her new piece, “Trolls in Yoga Pants,” a show about a mom dodging a parent-volunteer, a fire-breathing dragon and … her father.

Plus, a show put together by the fine folks living at Eskaton.

For more information visit the website at and come to the Gold Fever event at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 18, at 151 Union Square.

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