MARIEE on tree guitar- Elisabeth Kokesh -6

Psych folk singer Mariee Siou will perform at the Miners Foundry on Sunday, May 21 at 7:30 p.m.

“A show is ultimately a healing experience,” said psych folk singer Mariee Siou, who will be returning to her longtime home of Nevada City for a concert in support of her new EP, Circle of Signs, at Miners Foundry on Sunday, May 21.

A long-cherished gem of the Nevada County folk scene Mariee Siou has been playing music for more than two decades but never saw herself as a rock star or even a professional musician for that matter, “I’ve always just written songs because I needed to write the songs. I have to express this thing, or I’ll die, probably. I never anticipated it being my career by any means, being the shyest person in my class and terrified of being on stage,” said Siou with a note of lingering wonder.