Get ’em while they’re hot! — The first weekend of shows of the Nugget Fringe Festival |

Get ’em while they’re hot! — The first weekend of shows of the Nugget Fringe Festival

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WHAT: Nugget Fringe Festival

WHEN: Jan. 18-28

WHERE: Several venues across Grass Valley

TICKETS: Ticket prices vary from show to show.

INFO: Check the website for more information on tickets and venues.

(Editor’s note: This is part one of a three-part series showcasing 40 shows that will run at the Nugget Fringe Festival, Jan. 18-28. Quest Theaterworks Producing Artistic Director Scott Ewing has compiled submissions from all the performances and what follows are the artist’s description of their work.)

“Let’s Misbehave — Another Burlesque Experience” Winner of the 2017 Nugget Fringe Festival

Nevada County’s own Truth or Dare Dance Troupe is back with the Let’s Misbehave sequel. That’s right we’re teaming up with the Fringe again to bring you even more sexy comedy entertainment. It will make you laugh, feel silly and want to see it again. These risqué burlesque performers always make a real impression as they flaunt their unique talents with unparalleled glamour and pleasantry.

Let’s Misbehave is an 18 and over show that runs 60 minutes and can be seen at Grass Valley’s Off Center Stage.

These beautiful burlesque artists come from Grass Valley’s own backyard and surrounding areas! They will be delighting guests with their flirtatious, fun characters. The art of comedy burlesque is a alluring style that incorporates elements of cabaret burlesque and theatre comedy.

With that combo these vaudeville stars make for irresistible viewing. Each artist has created a truly innovative act, each one flaunting their own unique style. With 20 performers and Nick Fedoroff as the evenings MC!

Classy and compelling, whether you’re looking for a mischievous striptease, comedy, a flamboyant act, a thrilling song or a fusion of various vibrant styles, these burlesque artists make for an unforgettable evening. So come see these magnificent performers, they will dazzle and delight all throughout the night.

There is only one chance to catch this sexy live burlesque show at 10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 20, at the Off Center Stage in Grass Valley.

Go to for tickets, or Facebook events under “Let’s Misbehave Fringe Fest 2018” for artists bios and more information about the show.

— Submitted to Prospector by Heather Tongring.

Sex, Math and Seizures

“For every fringe show about cock shots and colostomy bags, there’s an equal counterpoint that’s heartfelt, smart and cuts right to the chase of the human experience.”


Hello, Grass Valley! I’m Barbara Selfridge, writer/performer of “Sex, Math and Seizures,” a first-weekend-only Nugget Fringe Theatre Festival offering. My show is the heartfelt counterpoint described above (“Funny, sad, thoughtful stuff…”).

You should come!

In “Sex, Math and Seizures,” I’m asked to find a nursing home for my somewhat-strange mathematician father. I, however, am MORE than somewhat estranged: I’ve never forgiven him for forcing the institutionalization, at age 11, of my brain-damaged sister.

Yikes! A comedy!

It’s a solo show — only me on stage — that includes my surprisingly witty sister, my surprisingly racy mother, and two conferences: one on number theory, another on guilt-tripping the adult daughters of absentee fathers.

Yikes again!

I live in Oakland, I’m directed by David Ford, and my pre-show music was recorded by The Magic Makers, the special needs rock band (!) my sister belongs to (!!). I perform upstairs at the Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains, 246 South Church St., Grass Valley. Only $10 and only three chances: Friday Jan. 19 at 8 p.m., Saturday Jan. 20 at 3:30 p.m., and Sunday Jan. 21 at 7 p.m.

So come already!

— Barbara Selfridge

The Lynx Show

The Lynx Show is the brain child of Lynx Kim from San Francisco. A blend of comedic magic, variety stunts, and a little bit of storytelling is what makes The Lynx Show so unique.

It’s unconventional use and old style displays of vaudeville bewilderment and magical entertainment bring everything from the classics to a more contemporary style to the table for audiences today.

Kim started his career at the young age of 15 street performing in San Francisco, then traveled the globe honing his craft and becoming one of the most sought after variety performers in the Bay Area.

Now some 30 years later Kim is a veteran when it comes to performing for cabarets, renaissance festivals to state and county fairs. He is a continuous performer at the world famous Pier 39 street stage and is a head lining act for Street Magic Live in San Francisco.

Kim’s goal is to follow his dream and inspire future generations through laughter and love. The Lynx Show has everything an audience could possibly want in a variety entertainment. From knives and magic to possibly one of those epic YouTube fail moments. Kim is truly a “Daredevil of Oddities!”

— Lynx Kim

The 3-Hour Plays

Imagine, if you will, playwrights from all over the world are given a subject from which to write a ten minute play. Not so crazy, right? But imagine that these writers are only given 60 minutes to turn in their scripts.

The scripts are printed, given to a troupe of actors, and then performed just three hours after the prompt is received.

That’s “The 3-Hour Plays.”

Now in its fourth year at the Nugget Fringe Theater Festival, “The 3-Hour Plays” is a fun and exciting look at instant art. They have birthed 45 original works so far and this Fringe promises 15 more. It’s high pressure for the artists involved and high art for the audience.

Will you witness a train wreck? Will you be moved to tears? Will there be high comedy or something silly and sophomoric?

The playwrights respond to a post advertising the event on Reddit. They sign up in advance. Then, as the start time approaches, they sit at their computers and await their email prompt at the appointed time.

When their inbox pings, they’re off to the races. No matter what time zone they’re in, they’re all writing, from the same prompt, all over the world. All the scripts pour in to an email box in Grass Valley, and a group of actors wait with baited breath to see what they’ll portray.

Its go, go, go, art that’s fun, fun, fun.

— Scott Ewing

The Mondegreen

Guilt. For years and years. Until the night when snow, a tattoo and a mondegreen shifted everything.

Last year we decided we needed something to keep us out of trouble at Eskaton. So we started playing “Theatre.”

We would get favorite old Broadway scripts and sit around each other’s living rooms and read all the parts, cut loose and emote.

No lines to learn, no stage directions to follow, just ham it up as much as we wanted. Full throttle.

One week we were between scripts so I dug around in my desk drawer and pulled out an old play I had written years ago. We read it and we made suggestions. I tweaked and I tweaked and after a while I started having delusions of grandeur. I asked them if they’d back me up if I entered it in the Fringe Festival. They said they would, and I did, and here we are.

But while they’d committed to backing me up, most of them balked at going on an actual stage, so we imported three young people, with tenuous connections to Eskaton.

Our Qigong teacher happily harkens back to the old roar-of-the-crowd in his theater life earlier. His friend, a dedicated actress, happily adds a sixth Fringe to her bulging c.v. A long haul truck driver, with sculpture as her sideline, happily adds theater as a second sideline.

Widespread happiness among the imports, and among the genuine Eskaton actors, satisfaction. What they started out to do, they have done: stay out of trouble. So far.

— Custis Haynes

“Time Out: Take a Sadhu to Paris.”

This is my story about how I was mistreated at a big tech company because of … gender bias. (I know! You are shocked and appalled.) The subtitle of this could be: “How to be an older, creative, female consultant in the tech world and NOT take it personally.” I loved my job and my friends at Hip Tech Fabulous. Get this! There are no toddlers at this huge tech company. Yay. This was a great break from the trader floor of single parenting.

Until, one day, a supervisor told me that when I taught my communication workshops, I should NOT “bring up gender.”

Spoiler alert: I am a woman.

So when I walk into a room of mostly men, sometimes ALL men, I think it’s pretty much a done deal that I am bringing up gender without even saying a word. (The cat’s out of the bag.)

Eventually I was told, by the fill-in-the-blank men managers, I wasn’t really doing my job. This was sad and hard for many reasons. One being I don’t get paid to be a mom. Heck, though, being my son’s mother is my all-time favorite.

In the end, it was my beautiful son that saved me from sadness. Elena Ferrante, a new friend, a sadhu in India and Beyoncé helped too. And we went to Paris! (No job? Why not travel?) Stay tuned!

— Eleanor Scott

The Menoposse

Life takes on a different flavor when you’re a woman with worn out, underutilized and often discarded body parts. Meet, The Menoposse!

That’s right, we’re a stitched up, patched up, hot flashing mess. We’re ready to party, damn it! And we’re dishing up some mid-life flavored improv that’ll tighten your skin and make you look ten years younger. But screw that. Come on out and deepen your laugh lines!

We’re a ragtag (no pun intended) group of hi-freakin-larious women with over 500 years of combined experience all rolled into one giant cigar on the hairy thigh of life.

We’ll be dishing out some improvisational theater with help from you, the audience. As with life, there ain’t no script in improv. We’re going to ask you to shout out some suggestions and then we’ll let ‘er rip.

It’s gonna be raw, edgy, awkward and hilarious. Kind of like a man in one of those weird man-rompers, only less embarrassing for everyone involved.

Audience members are welcome to bring a well-rehearsed bit of slam poetry or a monologue – and keep it to themselves. Because now it’s our turn.

The cast includes Gold Country favorites Trish Adair, Mary Baird, Marsha Burch, Lindsay Dunckel, Kim Ewing, Lois Ewing, Shawnna Frazer, Linda Meyers, Joyce Miller, Stacy Prater-Vigil and Nandi Szabo!

— Lois Ewing

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