Review: Kingdom of Earth’s short run not to be missed |

Review: Kingdom of Earth’s short run not to be missed

Loraine Webb
Submitted to Prospector

"Kingdom of Earth" is a neglected masterpiece that only extreme Tennessee Williams aficionados may have had the deep pleasure of experiencing.

Synthetic Unlimited is an inspired and ambitious theater company that is proving itself as a true gift to Nevada County (tomorrow the world?)

The marriage of the two should not be missed, and its short local run at Nevada City's Stonehouse on Broad Street expires this weekend!

As is Mr. Williams wont, his seemingly stereotypical characters evolve before our eyes and ears into myriad complexities of human interaction and possibility. Local (and world class) actors Jimmy McCammon, Grace Fae and Brian Arnold embody these very human humans with the dark brilliance that is characteristic of Tennessee Williams finest works. First-time Director Camen Hodges has much of which to be proud.. not least that this staging flows so masterfully in the intimate confines of the venue (brought to languid southern life by the indomitable set designer Pam Hodges and lighting designer Anja Leon-Guerrero). Great musics design too! Thanks ! Bravo! Brava!

The final performances of "Kingdom of Earth" are at 7:30 p.m. Thursday (May 30) and Friday at The Stonehouse in Nevada City. For more information, or to get tickets, visit