Prepare for the Great Prospector Beer Run |

Prepare for the Great Prospector Beer Run

Participants at the sold-out inaugural Great Prospector Beer Run in October 2013. This year's event, set for Oct. 12, will be once again feature beer, running, costumes and a great little dance party with the Chillbillies in the parking lot of the ol' Republic Brewery.
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With Labor Day Weekend upon us, the time has come to get back on schedules, stop wearing white and start training for the Great Prospector Beer Run. OK, I really don’t care if you wish to continue wearing white. But training for a beer run is serious business.

As a runner, a connoisseur of yeast fermented malted hops and editor of this publication, I couldn’t think of a better thing to devote your time training for. And since we’ve established that I’m not the fashion police (seriously, who cares about white in September, when, really, it’s still summer), I’m ambivalent on the costume contest part of the event. Although props are due to the Big Lebowski dude last year who paid for his registration, then raced to the beer line while the runners took off on course.

But I digress.

There are seven weeks from Sunday before the event. Most of those “Couch to 5k” apps and training programs call for eight. Since this run falls short of 3.1 miles, seven weeks should suffice.

As you begin to train, a few things to keep in mind:

Hills are your friend. Although it’s not quite three miles, there may be a hill or two. It is Nevada City people. Just think of the extra calories you’ll burn on your way back to beer.

Train as you’ll race. Again we come to beer. Because you’ll be running for nearly three miles, then consuming a beer (if you are 21 or older), it’s best to run, then head to your local brewery or pub. Since it’s also good to be familiar with the course in advance, hitting up ol’ Republic Brewery is a must — it’s the start and finish of the race. Jernigan’s Tap House and Three Forks are also great options. There are 49 days to train, plenty of time to stop at all three.

Train further than you plan to run. Sure, you can easily complete the 5k-ish course, but will you have the energy to keep moving? Because Chillbillies + beer = dancing.

Peer pressure works. Time to rally friends and register. Nothing motivates you to get off the couch for a run better than knowing you have friends waiting for you. And, of course, beer.

If you have not already done so, register for The Great Prospector Beer Run. Early registration gets you a super cool Prospector/ol’ Republic Brewery logo pint glass, a beer and a meal. All for $25. The event goes from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 12 in the parking lot of the ol’ Republic Brewery. Go to

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