First novel by Nevada City author set for release Tuesday |

First novel by Nevada City author set for release Tuesday

JoAnn Marie
Special to Prospector

Is it something in the water???

I don't know what draws them here but we are blessed to have so many authors in our community and now the literati of Nevada County has yet another.

Josh Weil came to us a couple years ago and draws much inspiration from the sound of Deer Creek coming through his window. He's currently gathering notes for a new novel that will be set around here but that's in the future and this is now.

Josh's latest book "The Great Glass Sea" is being released Tuesday. Set in Russia, it follows two brothers who have been inseparable since childhood, choosing very different paths that ultimately threaten to destroy not only the lives of those they love but the very love that has bonded them since birth.

Having lived in Russia and seen the many changes taking place there, Josh is not only knowledgeable but profoundly connected emotionally to the people and place. Having many experiences that have colored the portrait of the richly-imagined alternate Russia that he presents in "The Great Glass Sea," he not only sheds light on the Russia that occupies our headlines, but touches on the universal theme of what is left behind in the name of progress.

Josh's critically acclaimed 2009 novella collection "The New Valley" was the winner of the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction, a National Book Foundation "5 Under 35" selection, and a New York Times Editor's Choice.

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Don't miss the opportunity to read this young man's book. I'm sure he will become one of your favorites. The book is available locally at The Bookseller in Grass Valley and in Nevada City, Harmony Books and Kitkitdizzi.

JoAnn Marie is the Literary Chair at Nevada County Arts.

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