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Dr. Durst is in: Will Durst brings a new comedic show to the Auburn State Theatre

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On Stage at the State Theatre in Auburn presents Durst Case Scenario: Midterm Madness at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, according to a release.

Fresh from the national tour of his award-winning, hilarious chronicle of the changes in America during the time of Trump, comedian, columnist, actor, author, former margarine smuggler, Will Durst is ready to announce he's updated his hysterical historical Durst Case Scenario with a colon and a subtitle, Midterm Madness.

Midterm Madness is a rollicking feast of outrage and outrageousness as up-to-date as the most current 4 a.m. Oval Office tweet.

In this lightning-paced, 85-minute comedic tour de force, Durst, described by the New York Times as "possibly the best political comic working today," celebrates the one year anniversary of Donald Trump's Reign of Error by analyzing where we are, how we got here and the myriad of destinations that may lie ahead. And what the chances are, we'll be fighting with dogs for food once we get there.

Chronicling the latest results of the game of musical chairs in the Oval Office, Durst also details the wacky zany antics, palace intrigues and potholes and pitfalls of polarization that threaten our country, hemisphere, planet, solar system and universe, in this, The New Abnormal.

The response has been electric. Crowds have streamed to performances searching for a community of like-minded confused souls. Equal parts comedy and therapy, the intrepid Dr. Durst assists audiences in overcoming their PTSD: President Trump Stress Disorder, by isolating the farcical and sticking pins into the ludicrous.

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For sufferers who never thought they'd laugh again, Durst Case Scenario: Midterm Madness is a sanity-preserving prescription.

Prepare to meet the funny side of defiance. Because laughter allows hope to creep back on the inhale.


WHAT: Durst Case Scenario: Midterm Madness

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Saturday

WHERE: State Theatre, 985 Lincoln Way, Auburn

TICKETS: Reserved seating $24

INFO: Visit http://www.livefromauburn.com or call 530-885-0156 for more information

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