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Diabetes on the rise? — Yubadocs Urgent Care selected for diabetes screening study

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Yubadocs Ugent Care will be a part of a research study, from the Urgent Care Foundation, to measure the benefits of screening for diabetes in urgetn care.
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Yubadocs Urgent Care of Grass Valley was recently selected as one of 12 facilities in the United States for a national diabetes screening study, according to a release.

The Urgent Care Foundation has launched a research study to measure the benefits of diabetes screening in urgent care. Patients visiting urgent care centers for unrelated treatment may be unaware of their condition but could have undiagnosed pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Screening for early diagnosis is essential to decreasing the development of the disease and reducing related health complications. This screening is free for patients who qualify.

The principal investigator for the study is Shannon Clark, president, CEO and founder of Synergy Health Center & Urgent Care in Pleasanton.

“YubaDocs was one of a few urgent care sites across the U.S. identified early in the selection process as a premier location,” Clark said. “Dr. Hicks is well known and respected as a pioneering leader in the urgent care industry and is an example to our speciality of the unique combination of a provider who excels as both a talented clinician and business owner. He is an excellent mentor and I’m grateful that he is a part of my research team.”

Hicks, owner of Yubadocs, added, “Millions of Americans have diabetes, and millions more have pre-diabetes, meaning they are at risk for developing it. But about half of them don’t know it. We think many people visiting an urgent care center could have one of these undiagnosed conditions and could benefit from early detection, so we are delighted to participate in this research study.

“I think it shows great promise as a way to decrease the development of the full-blown disease and reduce the complications of it. “

The study will include approximately 5,000 participants who meet the criteria for Early Diabetes Detection Protocol, a screening method adapted from the 2016 American Diabetes Association Guidelines to detect undiagnosed prediabetes and diabetes.

It’s important to get screened

The ADA recommends A1c testing for all adults age 45 years or greater and individuals age 18-44 who have self-reported risk factors for cardiovascular disease along with either elevated body mass index or high blood pressure. Participants found to be at risk for undiagnosed disease will be screened using fingerstick testing of glycated hemoglobin levels.

Half of all Americans who have diabetes do not know it, and many people with pre-diabetes develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years.

“Chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes are occurring in epidemic proportions, creating a demand for urgent care practitioners to diagnose more complex illnesses,” said Chief Development Officer for the UCA and the Urgent Care Foundation Kim Youngblood.

Clark previously conducted a study with 64 participants at Synergy Health where she found that 15.6 percent of screened patients were diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes.

“With just that small sample of participants, we realized that undiagnosed diabetes can potentially be a huge issue that the urgent care industry should address,” said Clark.

Yubadocs is located at 2090 Nevada City Highway, Grass Valley, and is open seven days per week. Visit Yubadocs.com for more information.

Source: Yubadocs.

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