Columnist for The Union compiles new book |

Columnist for The Union compiles new book

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Darrell Berkheimer's new book, Essays from The Golden Throne.
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Local columnist Darrell Berkheimer has just received the first copies of his new book, featuring more than 50 commentaries published by The Union, according to a release.

The book also has sections containing travel stories and memoirs with more than 120 photos taken by Berkheimer. Those stories and photos resulted from visits to the Redwoods, California’s coast and Ananda; the Tetons in Wyoming and Black Hills in South Dakota, plus Alaska and Hawaii.

In the release, Berkheimer said he is planning to arrange a couple local book signings in January. He noted his first copies were ordered to be Christmas gifts.

His book is titled “Essays from The Golden Throne” — in keeping with the Golden Throne moniker and “crest of arms” used on his five previous books. It’s a “CB handle” that has survived from his days of traveling the western states with a citizen’s band radio in a pickup-camper. That was during the 1970s and ‘80s, when he worked for a newspaper in Utah.

The Golden Throne handle also was heard across the U.S. during his 13 years of driving 18-wheelers coast-to-coast. And a story about how he acquired that title is included in the last sections of his books.

As with Berkheimer’s previous five books, “Essays from The Golden Throne” will be available through Amazon Books and at his book signings.

The main thrusts in this new book are his commentaries for needed social and political reforms, plus an array of Nevada County issues. Included are a trio of trilogies on gun control, housing and the homeless, and the need for political centrists to coalesce their core issues into forming a third major party.

Berkheimer cites the many reasons for reforms — such as the declining ratings the U.S. is receiving in various social and educational categories, plus the gridlock in Washington. In the writing of his articles, he explained he strives to concentrate on issues and omit finger-pointing and name-calling.

“We only gain enemies and lose chances for compromise when we resort to attack mode,” Berkheimer said in his new book announcement.

The book begins with promotional comments by George Boardman, The Union Editor Brian Hamilton, long-time Nevada City resident Ralph Hitchcock, Hollie Grimaldi Flores and newly elected Grass Valley City Council Member Hilary Hodge.

The last of 11 sections in the book starts with an essay titled “The easy way to write a book.” That item provides a simple blueprint for readers to create a book from interesting events in their lives.

Berkheimer maintains that everyone has at least one good book they could share through a collection of essays on interesting incidents about themselves, their friends and family, and various animals they have experienced. He believes his own books provide examples by simply checking their tables of contents.

Source: Darrell Berkheimer

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