Camptonville concert takes a trip back in time |

Camptonville concert takes a trip back in time

John Deaderick
Special to Prospector

It's well known that there once was a large and thriving Chinese population all over the foothills.

"Celestials," as they were then called, did manual labor, owned small businesses, and contributed greatly to the cultural life of the community. In so many ways, these industrious, family-focused immigrants helped shape the place we call home.

As the nation of China had been known as "The Celestial Empire," so did the name become applied to the Chinese. A sympathetic account of their presence can be found in the excellent "The Life Story of Bill Meek, Stagecoach Driver." An example: "Ah-Ching was an excellent penman and could write an intelligent letter in English far better than the average American." Chinese New Year celebrations were famed; all sorts of people came from far and wide to enjoy the fireworks and the generous edible offerings the Chinese residents laid out for all.

You may partake in a little bit of this cultural heritage March 23, 7:30 p.m., at the Camptonville Community Center. Wu Man, internationally recognized virtuoso of the Chinese lute, or pipa, will be performing as the first offering of the newest season of the Sri Moonshine Music Series. This is certain to be a unique and beautiful evening of music. Come, close your eyes, surrender to the heavenly music, and put yourself back in time to the early days of our area when the presence of Chinese culture was an everyday occurrence rather than the rarity it has become.

Tickets are available at or the BriarPatch Co-op.

John Deaderick is a local theatre artist and the author of Make Sweet the Minds of Men: Early Opera and Tragic Catharsis, available at


WHAT: Wu Man, International Pipa Virtuoso

WHERE: Camptonville Community Center, 15333 Cleveland Ave, Camptonville

WHEN: Saturday, March 23, 7:30 p.m

TICKETS: BriarPatch Co-op or

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