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Brad Miller and Jeff Leiter join InConcert Sierra’s board

By Hindi Greenberg
Special to The Union


InConcert Sierra is proud to announce that two well-known, highly regarded members of our community recently joined its board of directors. Both Dr. Brad Miller and Jeff Leiter bring years of talent and experience to the organization’s leadership.

Brad Miller was born in Salt Lake City in 1952. His father was an ophthalmologist and his mother was a great cook and entertainer. His family was quite musical; Brad’s grandparents sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, his great-uncle went to Julliard for violin and his mother played piano.

The family moved to the Bay Area in 1955. Because his elementary school was a teacher-training school for San Francisco State, there was a lot of music education; Brad chose to play trumpet. After relocating to San Rafael, his high school had high-level music programs where he played trumpet in the concert and marching bands.

His undergraduate major at UC Davis was European history because he wanted a liberal arts background. While spending a year at the University of Göttingen in Germany, Brad sought out eclectic musical events. In college, he developed an interest in medicine, so he attended UC Davis’s medical school. Brad thereafter trained in internal medicine in Portland, Oregon. During college, he met his artist wife, Margie; they married after medical school.

Because he wanted to be in a rural medical practice—and close to skiing — he and Margie moved to Grass Valley where Brad operated his solo office from 1987 to 2000. In 1998, he became the part-time medical director for Hospice of the Foothills while later working as a consultant with the California Medical Board and doing palliative consulting. He made this transition because he was tired of “production-oriented” medical practice. At Hospice, every patient was given the time necessary. Moreover, palliative medicine was a good fit for him because of his interdisciplinary studies and mindset; hospice practice addresses the whole person — mind, body, spirit. Brad worked with Hospice until 2012. For four years during that time, he was also a visiting member of the Inpatient Palliative Care Service at UCSF Medical Center.

He then decided he wanted to focus on teaching and found that the Reno VA had an internal medicine training program; Brad taught there full-time for four years. Following that, he did primary care at the Auburn VA Clinic for a year, finally retiring fully in 2018.

He is now engaged in outdoor adventures, gardening and singing. He and Margie have grandkids in Truckee, so they visit and ski. Brad loves jazz as well as classical music; he took saxophone lessons in the ‘80s and still plays. He enjoys music because it connects him with his memories of places, travels and education. However, he did not sing until about 5 years ago when he began voice training, then later joined InConcert Sierra’s Sierra Master Chorale where he sings baritone.

Jeffrey Shattuck Leiter was born to chief test pilot William Shattuck Leiter at Visalia Air Force Base but grew up in Piedmont, California, graduating high school in 1960. He obtained a BA in English literature from the University of Oregon, then graduated from the Rudolph Shaffer School of Art & Design.

In 1969, Jeff joined his family’s business, MK Blake Estate Co., which owns and operates real estate properties; it has been profitable for 170 years and was incorporated in 1907. He started as executive vice president, became president a few years later, then became chairman of the board after his dad retired. In addition to operating the business, Jeff founded several non-profits and was on the boards of a number of civic organizations (such as Hospice of Northern California and Alta Bates Medical Center), served on the board of Lawrence Hall of Science, was on the advisory council to Cal Performances, was president of the Berkeley Symphony, and served as mayor of the City of Berkeley. Eventually, Jeff appointed a colleague to be president of MK Blake to allow himself even more time for civic engagement.

Jeff’s great-great uncles arrived in Nevada City during the Gold Rush and later co-founded the city of Berkeley; his family donated the land on which the University of California at Berkeley is situated. One long-past grandfather, Increase Mather, was the first American-born president of Harvard in the 1680’s. Cotton Mather of the Salem witch trials was a long-ago relative.

Charlie Leiter, Jeff’s grandfather, was raised in Nevada City and owned the Plymouth-Desoto dealership and the Nevada City Garage, which were next to the Assay Office, but were torn down when the freeway was built. Jeff’s parents retired here, building a house on the Bear River, where Jeff came to visit often. He then decided to “get off the Bay Area treadmill.” When the property below his parents became available, he built his first house in Nevada County. His company purchased the Brighton Greens Office Park, and Jeff set up his office there. Soon he became involved and on the boards of local arts and social services groups, such as Music in the Mountains, Hospice of the Foothills and InConcert Sierra.

Jeff was born with an ear for music along with a major memory for music. His grandfather and he listened to classical music, and Jeff’s record collection is primarily classical. He began attending the San Francisco Opera in fourth grade, was given a soprano saxophone in fifth grade and played in the woodwinds section of his grammar school orchestra. He also taught himself to play piano, playing through college. When he was twenty-one, he subscribed to the San Francisco Symphony, later becoming president of the Berkeley Symphony; he continues to subscribe and attend both. Jeff knows a lot about the history of classical music and has many scores committed to memory. He says that “classical music is my church.”

InConcert Sierra is extremely fortunate to have these two exceptionally interesting and experienced individuals to assist it in its mission to bring the best of the world’s classical musicians and excellent music to our community.

Hindi Greenberg is the President of the Board of InConcert Sierra

Brad Miller
Jeff Leiter

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