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Wanted: KVMR Celtic Festival Needs Some ‘Trash Talkers’

Wake the Dead is one of a slew of bands set for the KVMR Celtic Festival, which launches Sept. 30 through Oct. 2 at Nevada County Fairgrounds. The radio station is looking for volunteers to help with trash recycling during and after the festival.
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With KVMR’s 20th annual Celtic Festival and Marketplace just days away, Green Team Manager Allison Miller finds herself short on volunteers to help with the massive recycling and garbage collection efforts for the Sept. 30-Oct. 2 event.

She says she needs some “heavy lifters” to haul full bags via golf cart “to the proper central collection areas.”

Plus she needs some “trash talkers.”


Wait, this isn’t football or basketball…

“We need people to assist festival goers in how to properly sort waste into the recycling compost and trash bins,” the longtime environmental activist says. “I like to call ‘em ‘trash talkers’.”

You see, those are folks who chat with patrons and demonstrate which bin is which and what goes where.

“That’s a crucial part of maximizing our reycling efforts,” Miller notes. “You don’t want landfill items spoiling stuff that can be recycled.”

Sort of like show and tell…

Allison first started putting labels on bins and waste containers at the event a decade ago when she was working for a county-run Nevada County Recycles program.

“From there, I found myself becoming a full-fledged festival line producer,” recalls Miller, also a longtime morning host (“House Blend”, 7-10 a.m. alternate Sundays) and a winner of the station’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her on-air (and off-air) work.

So she’s encouraging those potential “trash talkers” and “heavy lifters” –um, would that be trash walkers? — to join the Green Team by signing up at the festival website — kvmrcelticfestival.org/volunteer — or calling the KVMR office at 530/265-9073 and leaving your name, phone and e-mail for the Green Team.

“When I was 12, I was crushing my parents’ cans and bottles to take them to the recycling drop off,” Miller adds. “It was in my bones. I hate waste. I hate pollution.”

Maybe you’d like to help, including Monday, Oct. 3, when the largest part of the job needs to get finished.


Nope, it doesn’t have anything to do with that classic John Belushi movie, but KVMR and Nevada County Arts are making a call to artists and makers to submit ideas for “Animal House — Revisit-TIN.”

They’re looking for designs for anything that can be be used as a shelter/habitat for an animal, with the hitch that it uses a chunk of recycled tin from the old Bridge Street storage sheds where KVMR’s new building now stands.

“With the love this county has for our animals, we thought this was a practical contest,” says organizer Diane McIntire, also a building contractor and current KVMR Board of Directors President. “And because we ask so often that artists do something for free, we’d like them to get something out of it.”

Like a 30 percent commission on whatever the Animal Houses bring in sales, with the Nevada City radio station and Nevada County Arts getting the rest.

“Okay, I’m not sure about, um, cathouses,” laughs McIntire. “ But dog houses, bird houses, a rabbit hutch, chicken coop, even a kids’ playhouse, hey, maybe a flea house…you get the idea.”

“We’ve been looking for a way fundraise using the tin,” she adds. “Years ago, when I was a builder in Sacramento, we made playhouses to benefit Make-A-Wish.”

Contest applications are due by Oct. 31.

There’d be a monthlong public viewing of the animal houses culminating in a live auction and party athe Miner’s Foundry next March 26.

More information, size limits and the whole shebang is listed under KVMR Events online at the home page.


Okay, so KVMR Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly has this newfangled, hotshot idea about something called a Listener Meetup.

She figures KVMR listeners would like meet their favorite KVMR broadcasters and that KVMR broadcasters would like to meet their favorite listeners. Very copacetic, you see.

And if you’re neither, well, you’ll become a listener, you see, if you end up talking with KVMR broadcasters or listeners, and they’ll become your favorites and all, since KVMR is this, um, highly contagious kind of radio station.

This’ll be the fifth one she and KVMR have pulled off, but the first one with an actual Vietnamese food truck present (from Auburn’s No Pho King Way).

It’s Monday at the Ol’Republic Brewery, 124 Argall Way, Nevada City from 5 to 8:30 p.m., with regular Friday Morning Show visitor Todd Wahoske (proprietor of Todd’s Two Two’s new music selections) spinning the wax or whatever these 40-something kids call it these days. Jeez, it used to be called deejaying.

Be there or be not hip.

That’s the theory anyway.

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