The Root: Do you ever wonder? |

The Root: Do you ever wonder?

I used to love watching Andy Rooney’s segments at the end of the 60 minutes news program. He would usually have a practical perspective or question things we just sometimes give little thought to in our daily lives. One of his great lead-in lines was “Do you ever wonder?” and then he would pontificate on the topic of the week.

I thought I would give it a try this week about some things I think about …

Do you ever wonder when you go to the supermarket and you walk down the aisle where they have the bleach, household cleaners and rat poison on the shelf that it has a funny smell? I just wonder what makes that smell. Are the containers off-gassing toxic chemicals? Is this good for me or for my children to breathe? I wonder how healthy this is for the employees that work in the store that are being exposed to these fumes for long periods of time. Is this chemical getting into my food on the next aisle? Do I want to buy my food where I can also buy rat poison? Are the same hands that touch and stock these products then touching food items and leaving residual chemicals that me or my child may be exposed to?

Do you ever wonder why food with lots of ingredients tends to last a long time without getting moldy or breaking down? A few weeks ago I purchased a sandwich from a grab and go section from a chain store in Colorado. I was in a hurry and unfortunately did not look at the ingredients when buying.

Before taking a bite out of this presumably innocent roast beef and Swiss sandwich, I started to read the ingredient list. I almost got into a wreck because the ingredient list was so long.

Are you ready for this? This 6-inch sandwich had 168 ingredients! Granted, the bread had hydrogenated oil, and it was listed several times for different parts of the sandwich — but 168 ingredients how can this be? I am really not too sure that my body would have known what to do if given such a smorgasbord of chemical ingredients all at once!

So I threw the specimen in my bag and brought it back to Yuba City. I then wanted to know how long I could I keep this sandwich out of the refrigerator before it finally started to break down.

It took four weeks before the bread started to get moldy. Please do not call the hazmat team on me …

However, the meat and cheese still look the same today. I then wonder how much nutritional value do foods like this really provide our bodies if they take that long to break down.

Are we just eating empty calories, which sail right on through us and are potentially making us sick?

I want my food to break down and fuel my body. I want my body to be nourished with natural ingredients not artificial man-made ingredients.

Do you ever wonder what’s in the food you’re eating?

Kevin Cotter is managing partner for New Earth Market in Yuba City,

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