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‘Streetkids United II: The Girls from Rio’ to screen at Sierra College, discussion to follow

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WHAT: “Streetkids United II: The Girls from Rio” film screening

WHEN: Saturday, March 7 at 2 p.m.

WHERE: Sierra College Nevada County Campus, 250 Sierra College Dr., GV, Multipurpose Center - N12

ADMISSION: Free - $3 campus parking fee

INFORMATION: Call Kristen O’Shea at 530-414-8157; ktaylor@sierracollege.edu email Kathleen Taylor

As part of our annual March Women’s History Month feminist film series, we’ll show “Streetkids United II: The Girls from Rio.” Winner of the Silver Punt Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Cambridge Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Marbela International Film Festival, the film highlights the challenges and triumphs of a group of teen soccer players from the favelas of Rio. After viewing it, we will talk about how the issues in the film (housing insecurity, absent parents, substance abuse) are also relevant for kids in our community, and how involvement in sports and other activities with caring adult role models can help young people rise above.

As a local teacher and therapist, I was shocked by the similarities between the stories of the girls from the “slums” of Rio and teens I meet with in Nevada County. The film is inspirational and highly relatable. We hope you will join us to discuss what we can all do to harness hope and resilience in the face of the challenges facing many of the youth of today.

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