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Spiritual healing stand-up comic performs

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Katie Sabira Rubin is a stand-up comic and spiritual healer — not two professions one often associates with one another. Sabira, as she likes to be called (this is her Sufi name), has been touring the country with her spirituality comedy shows for 12 years. Her third and current show, “My Spiritual Death, a Comedy Show!” returns to Nevada City for the third time at 7 p.m. Saturday at The Stonehouse.

When asked about the seemingly strange juxtaposition of her two professional worlds, Sabira has this to say: “My personal issues are what drive all the work I do. The pain I’ve carried has driven me to want to heal and has been the source of my material. I’ve just always felt that if we can’t laugh about all the healing and therapy and personal-growth work so many of us are doing, I just think we’re f-ed. Don’t you?”

Rubin says she understands how the worlds of comedy, which can often be dark and ego-driven, and of spirituality, which is generally perceived as light, lovely and spirit-driven, can seem antithetical to one another.

“Yeah,” she said, “sometimes, I come out of giving a healing to someone, and we’re in this crazy deep space of expansion and mercy and peace and purity, and then I leave my apartment, drive to a comedy club and tell a few dick jokes. It doesn’t make a lot of logical sense. But, the lower self needs expression, too, and if we try to pretend we’re not human, no matter how spiritual we may be, we’re deluded and dishonest. I don’t want to be either of those things.”

Last week, “My Spiritual Death” filled St. Joseph’s Cultural Center in Grass Valley, and this week, Sabira is back to make us laugh and look at ourselves. Her show is an hour and a half long and is for mature audiences only. Bring your prayer beads, your sage and your willingness to laugh at yourself for having prayer beads and using sage. It’s bound to be rollicking good R-rated time, she said.

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