Savannah Hanson: Transmuting beliefs |

Savannah Hanson: Transmuting beliefs

When the Mystery decides it is time for us to release a limiting belief, it will stack up lessons for us on that theme. It may seem we are being bombarded with one difficult circumstance after another. It is easy to feel victimized during these times. Yet ultimately, if we are wise enough, we begin to recognize a loving hand behind these situations asking us to wake up to our own unlimited nature.

When such challenges arise, most of us have been trained to distract ourselves, to deny or ignore the unease, suffering, fear arising. Yet it is only in turning and facing it that we can ever be free. We must override our conditioning and allow the sensations in our bodies to be there, to be honored as the messengers they are, alerting us that somewhere, at sometime a part of ourselves was cut off, abandoned, amputated from the fullness of our being. By allowing ourselves to notice the burning in our throat, the constriction in our chest, the fiery waves moving through our belly, only then can we reintegrate that part of ourself lost in trauma.

Then we bring our loving attention to our experience, cuddling and cherishing the part of ourself lost in fear, pain, worry, depression, scarcity, unworthiness, illness. Afterwards, we begin to inquire into what our mind is telling us. Is it true? Is it absolutely true that we will never amount to anything, that we will never have enough money, that no one loves us, that we cannot handle our own lives, that we will always be alone.

Beliefs can be very sticky and so it takes tenacity to be able to stay with them long enough to bust through their apparent reality and see it as something that limits us, that denies our inherent worth. At first we may not even recognize it is a belief as we are absolutely certain it is the truth. Repeated exposure to challenging circumstances may be required before we are willing to look for another possibility, to recognize that a lie is masquerading as truth.

Yet it is only when we question our thoughts, witness how we feel when we believe our thoughts and then finally recognize how delicious it feels to let those thoughts go and bring our attention to an alternative reality, do we begin to move beyond these constricting beliefs.

Initially it may take great determination, patience and tenacity to stay with the inquiry into limiting beliefs. They may stick around way longer then we expected even after we have begun to question them, giving the appearance that nothing is happening. It takes faith to stick with the process, knowing change will occur in divine timing. It may seem that nothing is budging yet deep underground the currents of the belief are shifting. When the first encompassing limitation is released, we become even more dedicated to seeking out the other false understandings that have troubled us for so long. Ultimately it can become a game we play with enjoyment, noticing how quickly we can spot and transmute pockets of restriction, feelings of insufficiency. Once we taste the freedom, we may become bulldogs on a pork chop, dedicated to our own liberation.

Byron Katies’s The Work with her four questions is one of the simplest ways to begin to question false beliefs; her information is readily available for free online. When we first recognize the ephemeral nature of beliefs, it can be the beginning of a whole new reality.

It often takes great courage to dive into our somatic experience, to honor all the sensations racing through our bodies, to quiet our minds that may be screaming for relief. In those moments, it is vital to cherish our inner little ones, to parent them as we were never parented, to assure them we can care for them, hold them as the currents of energy race through our being. As we hold through the tempest, the gift of freedom is birthed through the rising of the Phoenix. Bursting forth from the ashes of our pain, we discover the lies that tell us we can’t, we won’t make it, we don’t have what it takes, we are not loved. Dare to dive into your embodied experience for the ride of your life, lifting you straight to the heaven of your own embrace. Allow what ever arises, be it bliss or suffering. Your heart knows the way home.

For information on private sessions or classes please contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at (530) 575-5052 or,

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