Savannah Hanson: Phases of ‘awakening’ and what that means |

Savannah Hanson: Phases of ‘awakening’ and what that means

The Earth is undergoing an upleveling of the literal frequency of the planet, leading to a shift in consciousness spiritual teacher Matt Kahn calls a love revolution. Anything not aligned with love is creating suffering at increasing levels during this great awakening.

While very simplistic, here is my perception of the phases of awakening — Cliff-Notes-style — which I call hell, purgatory and heaven. There is a pre-phase I’ll call limbo where we start playing with spiritual practices and come to understand there is more to life then material reality. We notice that when we are judgmental or mean, we are the one who is suffering. We toy with spiritual practices, read spiritual books and take workshops probably with some therapy thrown in.

Then, one day a crisis occurs and our health, career, marriage or child is threatened, our anxiety or depression becomes unmanageable or we experience a great loss and suddenly all our platitudes feel meaningless. This is the hell phase.

We don’t know top from bottom but are desperate for answers, so our level of commitment shoots way up. We become a dedicated seeker and find many answers, shift in many ways so we figure we should be done, right? Wrong. Layer after layer of false identity is stripped away and often it hurts either physically or emotionally. Fear may feel absolutely crippling. Sleep may be sporadic and exhaustion might set in. It seems everything in our life goes wrong and our stress level is through the roof. A feather can set off tears as our nervous systems are stretched beyond design capacity.

This often goes on way longer then we had ever dreamed. Our primary task here is to survive and not blame ourself that it feels so grueling. Nothing we do or say mitigates the intensity for long.

Eventually, with enough soul-seeking and navel gazing, as we are willing to feel in our body what is arising, as we learn to love ourself, as we find ways and means to shift those old negative and limiting beliefs, as we begin to even consider how all of this might be a gift, we see a light in the tunnel and enter purgatory.

Now, we catch a few breaks, not everything is going wrong, the crisis is phasing out — we can take a deep breath. We have more dominion over consciousness. A few large or small miracles occur as we affirm all is well. We’re still on the yo-yo of energy surges but we begin to sleep through the night, have less panic attacks and can even feed the dog. A few of our dreams come true, including maybe even the deepest ones. We consider we might actually survive this experience and, better still, we want to survive.

We experience more trust then ever. Our perspective of life may change as we realize with gratitude how amazing we are, our life is. We may experience significant giggle attacks. Now, when a big wave of energy hits, we are wondering what the gift or lesson is and we see the opportunity to release a sense of limitation or false identity. We have moments of transcendent peace or perhaps fleeting joy, heart expanding love that seems to blanket the planet. We are willing to consider this might end, that we might not be too sensitive, too anxious, too defective to get left behind, that in fact we have what it takes, are what it takes. We catch glimpses of heaven. Maybe our circumstances don’t change much, yet we feel deep peace between the waves of transformation. We see the waves as beneficial, as serving us. Out of the overflow of our heart, we want to serve. It becomes vital that we honor our soul purpose and we feel devoted to sharing our gifts.

Then ultimately duality ends, the false self drops away and we know ourselves as abiding Divinity; I am calling this heaven on Earth. Can’t say much about this one as I have only embodied heaven briefly but this is my best guess.

For those in the hell phase, I pray you can let go of self-blame, cherish yourself with tenderness, hold on to trust and faith even when there is nothing to hold on to. Beloveds, may we all remember our true nature that was never lost, know ourselves in our own magnificence. For those feeling lost in hell, know you are not alone — rather, you are being carried by legions.

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