Savannah Hanson: Beyond fear to wholeness |

Savannah Hanson: Beyond fear to wholeness

Savannah Hanson.
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We are electromagnetic beings. This basic fact about our nature is something many, if not most people, do not understand.

Few recognize the impact the increasing intensity, caused in part by solar flares and electromagnetic storms, has on our energy system.

Thus it is common to find people experiencing a variety of physical and emotional symptoms thinking there must be something wrong with them, thinking that this intensity is only effecting them. Few recognize how pervasive this planetary shift is.

It’s as though we are experiencing traumatic stress disorder as a species as many foundational institutions from the economy to the government undergo radical shifts and destabilization.

Many are familiar with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, but this is ongoing stress to our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits.

It is easy to fall into addiction to try to cope with the uncertainty and radical changes occurring daily. Jail populations increase, many resort to unskillful behaviors to try to cope. Attempting to get rid of the internal hot potato, we may try to project our unhappiness on others, certain if only some external person or circumstance would change, we would feel fine. When that does not work, we then may blame ourselves, tearing at ourselves or abandoning our internal feelings, cauterizing our sadness, despair, rage or hopelessness.

So what are we to do?

First, stop comparing yourself to others. It is easy to assume everyone else feels better then we do, copes better then we do. It is common to fall into self hatred, starting an internal war with our experience. Yet the more we fight our feelings and our experience, the more we become stuck to the tar baby of unhappiness. In fact the American dream of the pursuit of happiness is one of the biggest sources of suffering.

We pursue something that remains forever out of reach. We satisfy one desire only to be deluged by many others. If we always search for happiness over THERE, we will never recognize the joy that is HERE, now. Joy can only be found in the here and now yet it takes great wisdom to recognize this Truth.

Instead we must turn and stand in our own experience. We can learn to allow and even befriend our internal reality.

We make the radical shift to becoming masters of our own emotions, meaning we let the waves of energy run through our bodies without resistance. We develop compassion for our own experience and the experience of others.

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle describes the road to freedom well in the Power of Now:

“Let me summarize the process. Focus attention on the feeling inside you. Know that it is the pain body. Accept that it is there. Don’t think about it — don’t let the feeling turn into thinking. Don’t judge or analyze. Don’t make an identity for yourself out of it. Stay present, and continue to be the observer of what is happening inside you. Become aware not only of the emotional pain but also of “the one who observes,” the silent watcher.

This is the power of the Now, the power of your own conscious presence. Then see what happens.”

It is not easy to learn to allow our emotions to rest in our bodies without resistance. It takes great mastery to befriend our emotions, to learn to greet them with kindness.

Yet as the chaos and uncertainty on the planet increases, what used to be an elective is now a required course.

I want to share with you the seven most effective elements I have found in my work with clients as a therapist and cellular memory release practitioner. I also used these tools to heal myself of debilitating life long anxiety.

The ingredients I have discovered in moving beyond fear to wholeness are:

1. Know WHO we are and release all false identities.

2. Love ourselves.

3. Feel whatever arises IN OUR BODY and befriend it.

4. Surrender to and trust Divinity.

5. Master the power of word and thought.

6. Release limiting beliefs.

7. Use our gifts in service.

May this list help you find your way beyond suffering to the freedom and peace that is our true nature.

Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 is a Cellular Memory Release Practitioner in Nevada County. For information on private sessions or classes, call (530) 575-5052, email or visit

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