Sammie’s Friends salutes local veterinarians |

Sammie’s Friends salutes local veterinarians

The animals in our community need medical care just like we do. Many of them live with a family that cannot adequately provide for them. The animals cannot speak or transport themselves to a medical clinic, nor can they pay their own expenses.

Sammie’s Friends pays for the 2,000 animals that pass through the shelter every year to be spayed/neutered. As well, many of these animals are not in good condition. They often have injuries or an illness and need veterinary care. Approximately 800 animals in our community receive veterinary care with assistance from Sammie’s Friends.

Sammie’s Friends spays/neuters 1,500 animals in the community prohibiting thousands of new births, which would add to the pet overpopulation problem. Between 4 million and 5 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year because they have the misfortune to have no home. This is so very sad.

Sammie’s Friends could not do its work without two important ingredients:

I want everyone to know how truly generous the veterinarians are in their support of the animals in this community.

1) Donations from the community

2) Willing and capable veterinarians.

Sammie’s Friends has an abundance of praise for the wonderful veterinarians who give so much to the animals of this community. We are indeed blessed to have so many competent and caring professionals. There is almost no veterinary calamity that cannot be fixed by some veterinarian in this community. It is truly amazing how much this group of people gives to help the animals.

I sometimes hear people complain because they seem to think the veterinarians should charge nothing. If this were the case they would not stay in business, and none of us would have any care for our pets.

Recently the veterinarians participated in our CAT-FIX-O-RAMA; spaying/neutering 109 cats during a five-day window. The prices they charged were so low that they made absolutely no money. If each cat had two litters a year of four kittens each, we can project that nearly 1,000 births were prevented. I’d say that’s quite an accomplishment.

Likewise, last year in a similar campaign, 119 pitbulls were spayed/neutered. Pitbulls usually have a dozen puppies per litter, so again, more than a 1,000 new births were prevented.

I want everyone to know how truly generous the veterinarians are in their support of the animals in this community. They give generously of their time and their talents. We are all better for it.

I can’t say a big enough thank you to the veterinarians of this community. Next time you see your veterinarians give them a big thank you and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Cheryl Wicks is the director of Sammie’s Friends Animal Shelter. Contact Sammie’s Friends at (530) 471-5041.

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