Pay to spay: Getting pets neutered is cheaper than alternative |

Pay to spay: Getting pets neutered is cheaper than alternative

Every year in this country 4 million to 5 million cats and dogs are euthanized in public shelters because there are no homes for them. Most of them have done nothing wrong.

Often people say to me “Oh, but I’d find all good homes for my puppies/kitties.” I respond by saying, “Everyone that wants one of your puppies or kitties will, of course, have a big smile on their face and tell you they will be a great owner for the pet.”

Based on what I see, most animals get picked up as strays or turned in after the newness has worn off and about the time they reach adulthood,s around one year old.

If out of a litter of 10 puppies, two end up in lifelong great homes it’s fortunate. Even if someone is the exception and finds great homes for their kitties or puppies, it means that someone else’s babies didn’t get a home.

If you allow your animals to reproduce, you are contributing to the euthanasia of millions of cats and dogs.

Animals are sentient, feeling creatures who need to be cared for and loved just like we humans need to be.

Female dogs often get mammary gland tumors, which can be cancerous, when not spayed. Each heat the likelihood becomes greater. A spay costs a lot less than the removal of these tumors.

A spay is also better than losing your beloved pet at an early age to cancer.

Female dogs and cats can develop pyometra which is a very serious infection of the uterus, and if not attended to, the animal will most likely die.

Spays for dogs can be under a $100 and for cats under $50. By contrast surgery for pyometra is around a $1,000.

I am often called by people in this situation to pay for the surgery because they do not have the money and don’t want to lose their pet.

How about that male dog who is digging out or leaping over the fence and running off?

Male dogs can smell a female in heat up to a mile away. Un-neutered male dogs have one thing on their mind — a lot.

You will have a better pet if you get that out of the equation so your dog can focus on being a part of your family.

How about that un-neutered male cat who is often in cat fights and getting abscesses and other injuries? Nothing sounds worse than a tomcat fight. Neutering will end that.

Prostate cancer is also a threat in un-neutered male dogs and some cats.

Please care for your pets health and do not contribute to the euthanasia of millions of animals each year.

If everyone does their part, this will quickly become a thing of the past. Your pet deserves your care.

In the past year, Sammie’s Friends paid for 2,000 pets in our community to be spayed/neutered, along with the 2,000 animals who pass through the shelter we operate,

Cheryl Wicks is the executive director of Sammie’s Friends. The shelter can be reached at 530-471-5041.

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