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On the Air: KVMR DJ scores ‘other favorite’ honors in two Union reader poll categories

Steve Baker
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KVMR 89.5 FM broadcaster Jerianne Van Dijk had smiles all over her face last week when she won not one but two “Best Of Nevada County Other Favorite” honors from The Union Newspapers’ annual reader poll.

She was one of two runner-ups in both “Best Radio Personality” and “Best Local Visual Artist,” and how about that for a combination?

Radio doesn’t usually involve visuals in its art, and visual arts doesn’t usually use sound in its category.


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According to Van Dijk, it’s not all that odd.

“I’m an illustrator who listened to KVMR, you see,” she says. “”Shoot, I decided I could do this (broadcasting) because I love music. It’s my other major hobby.”

“I listen while I draw,” she notes very carefully.

And since early this century, Jerianne has hosted the station’s Friday Morning Show (7-10 a.m.), although she’s now doing it every other week, instead of weekly as she had until a few years ago, now sharing it with Charlotte Peterson, who will be on this Friday (April 3) and Jerianne returns via archives on Friday, April 10.


“Hey, we have over 200 broadcasters on KVMR, and I’m only on once every two weeks now,” she points out. “I was so proud to get this honor for KVMR. I’m so glad that some people voted for the (nonprofit) community radio station here.”

Jerianne had been a regular visitor here when her grandparents lived here and ended up here for a chunk of the ‘70s. After that, she took off for the Netherlands where she got married and moved back here with her Dutch husband in 1981 and her first of three children with him.

“I always wondered what kind of Bingo bonus do we get for coming back,” she admits. “But my kids sure got one.”

A working artist, she calls herself “a traditional watercolorist and I’m an illustrator whose done all sorts of styles.” Her work has included everything from murals to telephone book covers.

Plus she’s a former winner of the Dr. Leland and Sally Lewis Visual Arts Award presented by the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, in addition to the “Other Favorite” honors from The Union readers last week.

As for KVMR, Van Dijk easily attributes part of her radio success to an idea of bringing this young broadcaster Todd Wahoske on the air with her.

“Todd brought a lot of humor and fun to the show,” she remembers, “and new music that most people don’t even have a clue about.”

“And now they do,” she smiles.

“He shows us what music is all about” every Friday, 8:30 to 9 a.m. Young? Shhh, he’s 42.

Back in “The Day,” Van Dijk got a once-monthly Saturday night blues show and then, when it moved to Sunday afternoons, the Blues Spectrum.

Then things happened really fast, and, well, she became the Friday Morning Show host.

Regular features include the Swami Beyondananda, whose puns are heaven-created, unless you don’t like puns.

“He’s a hoot,” says Van Dijk.

Oh, about those awards, it’s not hard to make Jerianne honest and forthcoming.

“I don’t think you can say anybody’s the best artist,” says Van Dijk. “I think we all have our own groovy part. We’re only favorites, that’s what they said.”

My, how she always puts a smile on your face.

“You know, KVMR represents so many people,” reasons Jerianne. “If I’m a favorite, well, I’m just happy to do it.”



Currently the station has asked its volunteer broadcasters to step away from their shows during the pandemic to keep only 10 or so broadcasters (most of whom are staff members) on air at the station.

Some broadcasters, such as Mikail Graham and Gary Wells, are producing new shows from their homes. Others are expected to be added. Otherwise, station staff are preparing shows from the KVMR archives.

When archived shows are played, there are live “top of the hour” coronavirus reports between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m weekdays and beginning at 9 a.m. weekends.

That keeps the number of people inside the building to a minimum, hopefully helping flatten the pandemic’s curve and exposing only a few to any possible virus carried in from the outside.


KVMR will broadcast YubaNet’s Virtual Town Hall this Thursday (April 2) from noon to 1 p.m. (89.5 FM, 105.1 FM Truckee, kvmr.org streaming)

The topic is how to safely do volunteer work during the pandemic.

Due to the shelter in place order, many nonprofits are experiencing a shortage of volunteers to provide services when they are needed most.

On The Air is a weekly look at Nevada City’s eclectic community radio station at 89.5 FM and streaming at kvmr.org A second stream features indie pop and a younger sound at kvmrx.org and the station now has a second over-the-air signal at 105.7 FM for NPR and Pacifica programming by day and KVMRx by night and weekend afternoons. Further information is at kvmr.org and kvmrx.org

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