Nevada Union High School debate novices excel |

Nevada Union High School debate novices excel

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After big wins at Long Beach, Notre Dame and Santa Clara, Nevada Union High School debate novices topped their record at the Western Novice and JV Championships at San Francisco State University.

Freshman partners Kelly Muir and Devin Anderson went undefeated for five preliminary rounds, and also won first and second speaker awards out of 54 novice debaters.

And then, they battled through multiple elimination rounds to take the championship title.

In addition, sophomore Morgan Margulies "went maverick" in the junior varsity division, which means he competed against two-person teams, delivering all four speeches for his side — speeches which are normally shared by two partners.

He won three out of five rounds, and only lost to the top two-seeded teams.

"Competitive high school policy debate is an exhausting activity," says assistant Nevada Union debate coach Judith Hill-Weld. "Debaters have to be on their game for three to five rounds per day, each round lasting two hours. Even when they aren't speaking, they are preparing their next speech, documenting their opponents' arguments, and making crucial decisions about strategy."

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When asked how he felt about the championship win, Devin Anderson said: "It was an amazing experience, but winning wasn't my favorite part. Hanging out with the people I love and enjoy was far better."

Hill-Weld confirms that Nevada Union debaters develop lifelong friendships on the national circuit, and encourage and support both their own teammates and their friends from other schools.

Anderson and Muir will compete at the National Catholic Forensic League's Grand National Championship over Memorial Day weekend in Sacramento.

Margulies will teach the introductory Competitive Debate class at NU next year, under the supervision of history teacher Molly Starr.

The Nevada Union Debate team's annual fundraiser, Miner Disputes, happens Thursday, April 14 at Summer Thyme's in Grass Valley from 7 to 9 p.m..

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