Nevada County artists present Visual Kōans |

Nevada County artists present Visual Kōans

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Imagine a chicken that is both contained by an egg and also outside of it. Now imagine a man walking on a beach that is simultaneously a street in a Spanish village.

You are entering the visionary worlds of two longtime Nevada County artists, Della Heywood and John Michael Keating. Their exhibition, Visual Koans, is open at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, 17894 Tyler Foote Road, Nevada City. The exhibition will run through July 9.

Zen koans are usually verbal. Like riddles, their meanings are elusive, perhaps even nonsensical. In Visual Koans, Heywood and Keating present enigmatic images in oil and watercolor in which meanings often seem ambiguous or contradictory.

Sometimes the artists paint images which have not been created consciously at all, so the surprise is as much the artist’s as the viewer’s. Well then, what forces guide the artists’ hands and imaginations?

You can look at the images — as mysterious as they may be — to see that some things may seem irrational and yet convey many truths.

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