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Minor fame, ‘haute trash’

An Irish wolfhound named Omry is my new best friend at the Celtic Festival last weekend.
Brenda Gillarde |

Even though I was a reporter at The Union for a year and a half before moving into my current job as Prospector editor, and was out in public all the time covering stories, I was still under the radar mostly.

In my reporter days, hardly anyone ever stopped me at events or in the street or at the drug store to tell me that they read my article on the Nevada County supervisors or that they enjoyed my coverage of the contentious Dollar General store application process in Alta Sierra.

Now, all that’s changed.

It seems that everywhere I go, people reach out to me to offer feedback, mostly positive.

Some say they look forward to reading this column every week — as if the exposure of my inner workings has somehow been comforting or, at minimum, mildly entertaining.

Others say they enjoy the writing itself — sweet sustenance to the ears of any scribe, no matter how low-profile or random.

Even Omry, an Irish wolfhound I met last weekend at the Celtic Festival, seemed honored to have me scratch his neck.

He seemed to know it was the very same fingernails scratching him that also type this weekly epistle from the newsroom.

And then there is the ultimate reward of minor fame: a modeling assignment.

Yes, dear readers, I will be swathed in reconstituted trash (OK, it’s “haute trash”) for the “Paint the Town Pink” fashion show Oct 22 at Nevada County Fairgrounds (see http://www2.theunion.com/paint-the-town-pink-2015/ for more information.)

I have already given my pants, dress, shoes and other body parts sizes to the handlers. Age was requested, but I declined.

My people are talking to their people. It is only a matter of time before this morphs into a new career, an overnight sensation based on recycled refuse.

Lady Gaga will contact me, saying she is tired of wearing raw meat and would like to join my trend to wear more environmentally friendly attire.

NCTV will feature me in a pilot for a new TV show: “Talking Trash on the Runway.” I will dance with Derek Hough on Dancing With the Stars’ “garbage week” episode.

Meanwhile, however, I will continue to enjoy the extraordinary options open to everyone in this issue of Prospector and in this unusual and exceptional place we call home.

May we all continue to be blessed with fall’s abundance of foliage colors, crisper weather and overflowing creativity.

And may we be sure to take out all of our “haute trash.”

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