Mark Vieaux Debuts With ‘Man On The Street’: Album release party set for Sunday |

Mark Vieaux Debuts With ‘Man On The Street’: Album release party set for Sunday

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Local musician Mark Vieaux has released his first full-length album “Man On The Street” – ten new songs crossing borders from Americana to rock to blues to ballads, or as Vieaux would says, “It’s only rock & roll, but I like it.”

Vieaux will be performing songs from the album on Sunday Jan. 26 at 4 p.m., at an album release party (benefitting Hospitality House) at the Center for the Arts Brunswick Basin facility, 998 Plaza Drive in Grass Valley. One song, “Lotta Ways to Love” was directly inspired by the guests at Hospitality House, where Vieaux entertains regularly.

Man On The Street is no simple story. Vieaux gives us observations of life, real and imagined, from the perspective of a modern everyman. Complex, yet not complicated, like a brainteaser that twists and turns, but lets you solve it.

Vieaux and his music won’t fit the usual boxes, with tidy labels that give a clue to the contents. Labels and stereotypes just aren’t going to tell the story.

Give it a listen and what do you hear? Hard rock, pop, blues, new folk, Americana, alt-country, blue-eyed soul, perhaps? A little hip-hop and a touch of reggae? It’s all there.

“Love Me Don’t Judge Me,” the album’s lead track, has a message that fits every last soul on Earth, especially in today’s overcharged social climate. Please give this song a special listen.

Deep musical roots (over time he’s performed songs from nearly every decade of the past 150 years) and diverse tastes (thinks nothing of jumping from Muddy Waters to Emmylou Harris to The Clash to Adele in one listening session) have given him the musical sensibilities he’s blended into Man On The Street.

While not a “mainstream” kind of guy, Vieaux stays current with the music business, tracking popular trends, soaking in what (to him) has virtue. Vieaux’s taste in music was well-formed from the ‘60s through the ‘80s, still there was room for new influences, and where they fit, they were welcomed.

Around Nevada City and Grass Valley, Vieaux has maintained a full plate of musical performances through the years – at his church (in the children’s ministry – “they’re a tough crowd!”), at the local homeless shelter, at retirement communities, coffee houses, private parties and wherever a gig came calling.

Man On The Street is available online from Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, HearMusic, and other outlets.

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