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‘Loving the liturgy’ at Trinity Church in Nevada City

Janet Ann Collins
Special to The Union
Mike Anderson has been a member of the Holy Trinity Church in Nevada City for five years.
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Mike Anderson has been a member of Trinity Church in Nevada City for about five years.

He chose to join that church because it had been around for a long time, and because of the history of the Episcopal Church.

At first, he thought the liturgical services would be boring, but now he says, “I love the liturgy at Trinity.

“There is something remarkable about saying and hearing the same things Christians have done for 1,800 years,” Anderson adds. “There’s a rhythm to it that takes us, step by step, closer to Communion. It makes me feel clean and whole again.”

He also likes that the congregation is diverse, but there’s no division between members.

Some cars in the church parking lot have Tea Party bumper stickers while others have Obama stickers — but members never get into arguments about politics.

“Father Christopher is great at reminding us of the history of the church and its Jewish heritage,” Anderson says.

For three years, Anderson served on the vestry.

That is a group of 12 people who handle everything that’s not spiritual in the church, such as the building and finances.

Now, he’s a lector, reading Scripture during services, and volunteers in other ways.

While the church isn’t big on programs, they do have a food ministry on alternate Tuesdays.

Father Brad serves at Hospice of the Foothills and Father Christopher took a homeless young man to live with his family.

“Each member finds their own way to serve the community,” Anderson says.

He has been a “sort-of grandpa” and unofficial big brother to children who needed someone to be available for them.

In his profession as graphic designer, he only works for honest, local businesses.

For example, he used to serve in the production department at The Union.

Anderson currently owns his own business, called A-Design

“Enjoyment of designing spatial arrangements that are appealing and appropriate and functional is a great reminder to me of our being a part of God’s image and of the creativity that he gives us,” he says.”I don’t think there’s a half hour that goes by without knowing that God is involved.”

Trinity is an Episcopal church located at 202 High St. in Nevada City.

There are three Sunday morning services at 8, 9:30, and 10:30 a.m.

The choir sings at the third service and children participate in Sunday School. Communion is shared at all three morning services. On the first Sunday of each month, there’s also an evening Compline service from 7 to 7:30 p.m., consisting only of music, prayer and meditation.

A youth group for teens meets in the leader’s home on Sundays.

For more information, visit the website at http://new.trinitync.net.

Janet Ann Collins is a freelance writer in Nevada County and author of books for children. She can be reached at jan@janetanncollins.com or http://www.janetanncollins.com.

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