Keri Brenner: Woodpeckers, wildflowers and joy |

Keri Brenner: Woodpeckers, wildflowers and joy

Keri Brenner
Features Editor

My body is coming back — or at least, it's on its way.

Since many spiritual teachers say 2016 is a year of emergence out of the shackles of past struggles, worries and angst, perhaps this promising news is part of that.

This year, I am dancing again and hiking — two activities that my back found seriously problematic last year.

Last year, three surgeons told me I critically needed their services, and that I would need a series of screws and bolts that they would install in my back to keep my vertebrae held together correctly, out of the way of pesky spinal nerves.

A fourth opinion, from David Ramsden of Posture Alignment Therapy in Ananda Village, was that my muscular framework was seriously out of balance — and that it had probably been that way for decades.

He prescribed a series of 11 simple exercises for me to do every day to reverse the pattern of long-held muscle tension that had likely stressed my vertebrae as they valiantly tried to accommodate it.

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David's plan, combined with whatever new energies are coming to roost in the Universe, seems to be working.

On Easter Sunday, I hiked the Buttermilk Trail at South Yuba State Park at Bridgeport — with virtually no pain.

Wildflowers were everywhere, an old log was miraculously transformed by the wonder of woodpeckers into a storage building (see photo) and joy was less a concept than a palpable experience of being wholly alive.

May you too find miracles of emergence in all ways this year. And may the events in this issue of Prospector help keep your body, spirit and joy coming back.