Keri Brenner: Tripping through the 5th Dimension |

Keri Brenner: Tripping through the 5th Dimension

Is it the holidays coming or the fifth dimension? Please tell me why everything seems to be in the fast lane? |

Is everything going faster, or is it me? Or both?

I know the holidays always seems to speed up activities — but this feels like more than that.

Many researchers and spiritual teachers say the Earth is now vibrating at a higher level of consciousness and so it feels like time is going faster.

According to most of these people, this new higher level of consciousness is called the Fifth Dimension.

It is a step up from the Third Dimension, which society has (mal)lingered in for the last 25,000 or so years.

From what I can tell, the Fifth Dimension skipped mostly over the Fourth Dimension and firmly implanted itself on us humans over the last six months or so — or perhaps the last year, depending on which source you consult.

Many of us who have bodies that were birthed in the Third Dimension are still catching up to our new vibe.

This can be a bit, shall we say, unsettling? (See the website, where the accompanying photo comes from, for more on this phenomenon.)

OK, so let’s all cut ourselves and each other some slack. Some compassion, even.

Things are going faster — and that may include hot tempers and distracted behaviors too.

In years past, it seems, people were always bemoaning the usurping of spiritual focus during the holidays in favor of consumerism.

This year, I have a feeling, our new higher consciousness is not going to let us disconnect from life force so easily.

My suggestion: Embrace the moment — even if stressful, there is a gift therein when we allow ourselves to receive what is with an open heart.

And, of course, check out this issue of Prospector for some ideas on enjoying our (Fifth Dimensional) present.

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