Keri Brenner: Loving, coughing and the rain |

Keri Brenner: Loving, coughing and the rain

My array of cold medicines surround me at my desk at The Union, calling out for me to find a way to love even my hoarse throat and annoying cough.
Photo by Keri Brenner |

Within a day or so of receiving my copy of Matt Kahn’s new book, “Whatever Arises, Love That,” I got sick.

Not crazy, down-for-the-count sick in bed, thankfully.

But sneezing, coughing and hoarse — the latter to the point where it’s less sexy than awkward.

“You don’t sound very good,” my Mom said to me this week on the phone.

“I’m OK, Mom,” I said. “It sounds worse than it is.”

She was not aware of the predicament I was in. And I didn’t have time to explain it.

(Mom hasn’t read the book, so she might not understand anyway.)

Here’s the dilemma: This cold thingy arose, right?

So, how do I love it? (See title of book, “Whatever Arises, Love That.”)

How is this hoarseness here to help me?

I try to embrace it — as Kahn would suggest — as if it were an innocent child, calling out for my loving attention.

Instead, it coughs in my face — or out of my face, as it were.

Meanwhile, as I ponder this, may you be blessed with a cold-free, cough-free rainy season.

May you stay toasty warm inside, reading this issue of Prospector and planning your next entertainment event, as the raindrops lightly caress the rooftops, enveloping your world with comforting watery sustenance from above.

Wait, were those raindrops like a loving embrace? Am I actually loving what arises — even though I sound like George Burns?

Time for another shot of Vicks.

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