Jennifer Rugge is Nevada City Winery’s featured artist for July |

Jennifer Rugge is Nevada City Winery’s featured artist for July

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Jennifer Rugge will show her paintings at Nevada City Winery.
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What: Jennifer Rugge’s show at Nevada City Winery: “Reclaiming Our Ancestral Roots”

Wen: July 3-30, Opening Reception July 5, 6-8 p.m.

Where: Nevada City Winery, 321 Spring St., Nevada City

Artist Jennifer Rugge, the featured artist this month at Nevada City Winery, uses natural hand mixed mineral paints on wood. Her show “Reclaiming Our Ancestral Roots” explores the world of the Ancients, intertwining the mystery surrounding their art, techniques and early language roots in signs and pictographs.

Rugge shares some of her thoughts on her paintings and fascinating process.

“The energy of art emerges from a deep yearning with-in to express awareness of the beauty already inherent in our surroundings,” she said. “Nature in life inspires and ignites my passion to share the value of art through the collecting and mixing of natural minerals into oil paints and applying these to paper and wood surfaces. Also, ancient roots of languages and art influence my work.”

Rugge’s work reflects her in depth approach and meticulous worldwide research. She has studied, exhibited, taught and sold her art over the world from California to Virginia to Italy and Vienna, Austria. She visited the sacred churches of Italy, the Jugenstil of Vienna and the villages of such artists as Monet, Klimt and Hundertwasser. While living in Europe, she studied ancient Italian art techniques which included fresco painting, illuminated writing and gold leaf applications. Recently, she visited the outback in Australia to study the rock and cave art of the Aborigines.

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