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Halloween and the ‘Hot, Crazy Matrix’

Oh Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn. We still don't have any answers to the mysteries you tried to unravel but which did you in.
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Lately I’ve been reminded in various ways about the female stereotypes I and my peers absorbed in varying degrees from birth.

Myself and many of the women I know have spent most of our lives trying to either live up to those stereotypes, outright reject them, gently jettison them in favor of “inner beauty,” laugh them away or — like the sadly troubled but wonderously iconic Marilyn Monroe — embrace them on steroids.

Along the way, we have become obsessed about losing weight, dieting and body image and fanatical about removing wrinkles, grey hairs and any other “imperfections” of age or genetics that might make us less than a “Perfect 10.”

Halloween and the task of finding a costume tends to trigger — or, more likely, parody — all of this as many women may choose to dress up as an alter ego that has … ummm … more curves, shorter skirts or reveals greater cleavage than in our “normal” day-to-day lives.

According to the Washington Post there are five costumes to avoid: Sexy Donald Trump; Sexy Cecil the Lion or Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed that wonderful creature for sport; Caitlyn Jenner; and costumes with two slices of pizza on them (huh?).

If that’s not sick enough, a YouTube.com video called Hot Crazy Matrix basically puts the stereotypes in a graph for reference by young men who are dating (i.e, any woman under a “5” on the “hot” scale is part of the “no go zone” and out of the running; the “crazy” scale starts at 4 because “of course there’s no such thing as a woman who isn’t at least a 4 crazy,” the presenter says.)

Where is Gloria Steinem when you need her?

Meanwhile, if you peruse this issue of Prospector, there are numerous options for costume fun, trick or treat and musical or arts enjoyment this weekend.

May you have a “spirited” and joyous Halloween, whatever role you are playing and wherever you rank on the “Hot Crazy Matrix.”

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