Greasing the gratitude goose |

Greasing the gratitude goose

Sad but true. This unidentified tatooed Viking woman was seen running around Nevada City Saturday night.
submitted by Brenda Gillarde |

When a wave of gratitude hit me unexpectedly this week, accompanied by not a small amount of tears, I didn’t make the connection — at first.

Then I got it.

First week of November, Thanksgiving coming, giving thanks, grateful.

I should have known.

This time of year is so poignant — and here in the Foothills, it is so magical with Halloween (see photo of unidentified Viking woman), the blessed rain coming, the end of Daylight Savings Time.

It’s only a tiny leap from there to gratitude.

It must be contagious.

Today, a Prospector reader called me, just to thank me for Prospector.

“I think The Union should charge 75 cents for Prospector,” he said. “It’s just so good.

“Thanks for all you do,” he said.

I was slightly taken aback. Had my personal episode of gratitude and tears somehow opened the floodgates of The Universe?

If so, fabulous.

Gratitude — even with tears that seem to explode from a hidden mythical abyss — is one of the most expansive feelings we can have on this planet, in my humble opinion.

Ratchet it up. I’m ready.

I’m grateful for all the Prospector readers and contributors. I’m grateful to live in a place with so many talented, creative people who offer such a wide range of music, festivals, shows and exhibits.

And I’m grateful to “Grease, Grit and Grime” for letting that poor unidentified Viking woman get her dance jujus way out there. Thanks!

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