Grass Valley poet launches new book |

Grass Valley poet launches new book

The Union Staff

Grass Valley poet Ingrid Keriotis will read from her new book, “It Started With the Wild Horses,” at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Open Book.

The poems are “about wildness and inspiration, love and memory, family and motherhood,” said Leah Himes, editor at the book’s publisher, Finishing Line Press. “This collection explores how our experiences and relationships become memory, how encountering the wilderness outside our doors shapes us, and how a sense of place tells us who we are.”

You might know Keirotis from her day job teaching English at Sierra College or from leading poetry workshops for local groups, including Sierra Writers.

Her poems have appeared in such literary magazines as Poetry Now Online, Blue Unicorn, Steam Ticket, Stanislaus Connections and Sisyphus, as well as the anthology “More Than Soil, More Than Sky.”

Keriotis said when it comes to writing poetry, she believes in Richard Hugo’s advice: “You owe reality nothing and the truth about your feelings everything.”

The poems span California to Greece, the Sierra Nevada foothills to the rivers of Washington, adolescence to parenthood, classroom to orchard, and grief to hope.

“Ultimately, through personal themes, we are taken into a world celebrating our common humanity,” Himes said.

The collection has fans among poets across the country:

“Her view of the world is full of pain and wonder, and her images are fresh,” said Gail Entrekin, author of “Rearrangement of the Invisible.”

“Mother, spouse, teacher, citizen: it’s easy for life to pull us away from art, but Ingrid Keriotis reminds us we might be drawn toward it just as insistently,” said Christopher Bakken, author of “Eternity & Oranges.”

“Ingrid Keriotis explores topics ranging from mother- and daughterhood to teacher, wife, traveler, and especially as a thinker in the wider world, and her poems take the reader to the most tender and sometimes achingly raw parts of the female experience,” said Gillian Wegener, author of “This Sweet Haphazard.”

“It Started with the Wild Horses,” with cover photograph by Tahoe photographer Anastasia Keriotis, retails for $18.99. The book is available locally at Harmony Books, The Open Book, and SPD Market in Grass Valley. It’s also available from Finishing Line Press, Post Office Box 1626, Georgetown, KY 40324, and online at

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