Friday night tradition continues at Nevada City Classic Cafe |

Friday night tradition continues at Nevada City Classic Cafe

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Beaucoup Chapeaux continues its Friday night tradition playing at the Nevada City Classic Cafe.
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Who/What: Tapas and Wine and Music with Beaucoup Chapeaux

Where: Nevada City Classic Cafe, 216 Broad Street, Nevada City

When: Friday, June 7 6-9:30 p.m.

Contact: Reservations/more information: 530-265-9440,,

During the day, the Nevada City Classic Cafe is one of the most iconic American cafes imaginable — so much so it was used as the location the two lovers first meet in the popular Hallmark film “The Christmas Card.”

Yet back in 2009, after a chance meeting with singer/accordionist Maggie McKaig, the Classic’s owner, Genevieve Crouzet, realized a dream she had for some time: to open the cafe for dinner on Friday nights, and call it “Tapas, Wine, and Music.”

Providing the music would be Maggie’s world music trio, later a quartet (with Luke Wilson, Murray Campbell and Randy McKean), which due to the variety of their repertoire, eventually acquired the name Beaucoup Chapeaux.

The concept was a hit. As Mikail Graham said in 2014, “There wasn’t any place in town like it, and there still isn’t … It’s a great community gathering spot with fantastic music.”

Along with the cafe’s regular menu, each month features a different cuisine. This week, the flavors of Spain will reign … pun intended. Expect some extra-fabulous tapas, paella and of course, sangria.

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