Composers Revealed concert set for Saturday in Grass Valley |

Composers Revealed concert set for Saturday in Grass Valley

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What: PG&E Power Outage Concert (Composers Revealed Concert)

Where: Saint Joseph’s Cultural Center, 410 S Church St, Grass Valley

When: Jan. 25, 2 p.m.

Tickets: Available at the door, adults $25, students free

Info: or 530 478-0983

The Composers Cooperative’s PG&E Power Outage Concert (AKA Composers Revealed Concert) will be held Saturday, Jan. 25, 2 p.m. matinee at Saint Joseph’s Cultural Center, 410 S Church St. in Grass Valley.

This concert is a wonderful potpourri of short works by ten regional California composers and performed by fourteen talented musicians. Composers featured are Alexis Alrich, David Bernhagan, Paul Boisvert, Jake Collins, Jerry Grant, Durwynne Hsieh, Dennis Lauderdale, Denny McShane, Binns Melander and Mark Vance.

Alrich’s “Wen Bi Pool” for flute, viola and harp was written about a sacred pool in the Yunnan Province in China. Bernhagen’s 2 movements from his “Suite for Solo Cello” are mostly modal and tonally familiar. Boisvert’s “Sixth Sense” for violin and piano explore the interval of the major sixth. Jake Collins’ “Irish Village” for viola, cello and piano was born from his deep love of Celtic music and his Irish roots. Jerry Grant’s “Plus Two” is a rousing tour de force for tenor saxophone and piano, a rhythmic, classical, jazz infused, perpetual motion romp. Hsieh’s “Elegy of a Sphere” for clarinet, cello and piano written for the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble celebrates the Earth, it’s beauty, brightness, rotation and untimely demise. Lauderdale’s “Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano” explores the beautiful singing style as each voice displays it’s own virtuosity and legato abilities. McShane will perform his “Rhapsody in C Minor” for piano. This work explores the use and development of a four-note theme. Melander’s two movements from his “Sonata No 5 for Piano” show influences from Brahms, Chopin and Prokofiev. Vance’s “Ride” for flute, bassoon and piano is a phantasmagorical dream-like ride in a drone contraption based on a sculpture by Michael Cooper on display at the Crocker Art Museum.

The Composers Cooperative is dedicated to foster the creation of new music and help facilitate its performance.

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