COMMENTARY: For the sake of the animals, alter your pets |

COMMENTARY: For the sake of the animals, alter your pets

AnimalSave rescued hundreds of kittens last year. We rescued hundreds of kittens the year before and the 12 years before that.

For every kitten brought to us, an untold number suffer and die in the wild from disease, predators and starvation or are surrendered to animal shelters, if there is space available.

Many of these kittens do not find homes. By July there will be no available foster homes at AnimalSave because they will be filled up.

AnimalSave’s Cat Adoption Room was filled to capacity last year.

Two unaltered cats and their descendants can number 420,000 offspring in just seven years.

We were forced to turn away many people wanting to relinquish cats and kittens, including many caring and responsible people who brought in strays that were dumped in their neighborhoods or kittens of feral mom cats that they trapped and spayed on their own dime.

Two unaltered cats and their descendants can number 420,000 offspring in just seven years.

A female cat will have at least two litters each year and will become pregnant while she is still feeding her current batch.  

Failure to spay and neuter your cats right now will result in hundreds of homeless kittens in the near future.

Every owner of an unspayed or un-neutered cat should contact his veterinarian or AnimalSave’s Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic immediately and do his part to prevent animal overpopulation.

Owners need to take responsibility for their own pets.

AnimalSave and all other rescue organizations combined cannot help every homeless animal in our community. This year, we will be focusing our limited resources where most needed.

With all of the low-cost services and financial assistance available to those who need extra help, there is no reason for your own cat to have even one litter.

Our expectation is that cat owners will have the best interest of their animals in mind and take advantage of this help. Ditto for dogs.

Instead, we will focus on strays and abandoned animals that irresponsible folks have left for someone else to worry about.

Call 530-477-1706 now to schedule your appointment.

If you cannot afford AnimalSave’s already low fees ($30 neuter/$45 spay for cats), you may be eligible for additional assistance through a voucher program administered by Sammie’s Friends.

From now through April 12, AnimalSave will offer an additional discount on our low-cost fee in honor of Joyce Karst and the many years she labored for the cats in our community.

She did her part. Please do yours.

With your help, we can end animal suffering in our community.

To contact Carolyn Niehaus, AnimalSave’s executive director, call 530-271-7071, ext. 201, email or visit for information.

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