Commentary: Addressing the root of the problem |

Commentary: Addressing the root of the problem

Welcome to The Root. My name is Kevin Cotter — managing partner for New Earth Market located in Yuba City.

My personal roots run deep in Nevada County as my mom has owned property in Lake Wildwood since the ’70s. I am excited to be writing a column every other week that focuses on our food systems.

I want to bring factual information to help promote a local healthy community. The focus of this column will be from a local perspective — foods versus fiction, why organic, root versus symptoms, cause and effect.

This is my family’s story. When she was a toddler, our second child Jordan was diagnosed with asthma, which we were told one day she would outgrow. The asthma manifested itself as an exhausting wet cough that would last for many days. We tried several different medications (Singular and Nebulizer/Bronchodilator) which marginally helped with her symptoms. We ultimately ended up using a steroid (Prednisone) to stop the cough – not an ideal choice given the lifetime side effects of using a steroid.

Then it dawned on me to ask the question: “What is the real cause of her asthma? Why are we just treating the symptoms of her cough and not getting to the root of the problem?”

After visiting a homeopathic doctor and doing a simple allergy test, we discovered that Jordan has a wheat and dairy intolerance. By eliminating these foods from her diet. her asthma went away just like that. For her, eating the wrong food was the root of her problem. By eliminating these foods, Jordan is now off of meds, free of her wet cough, free to live life without any restrictions.

We found the root.

I then began applying this principle of figuring out food allergies to the rest of our family. I used to be a daily fast food junkie. I was at an unhealthy weight, my skin was riddled with acne, I got tonsillitis repeatedly, and I was constipated.

It was determined that I, too, had a dairy intolerance. Simply stopping the food that was causing inflammation in my body has left me feeling better than ever and free of sore throats and acne for over a decade now.

Why The Root?

As a kid I used to work in the garden, working alongside my mom pulling weeds. My mom always told me to “be sure to get the root out, too – not just the top; otherwise the weeds will keep coming back.”

We have a healthcare crises in this country that is dealt with by treating and managing symptoms rather that finding a cure or the root.

We are bombarded daily with ads on TV for medicines (many with exhausting side effects) to help us live a more comfortable life.

Rather than looking for a magic pill, why not drill down to find the root of the problem?

I am grateful for this opportunity to share stories and information from my life experiences and from folks I meet everyday. It is clear to me that we are more connected and alike than we are different.

See you in two weeks.

Kevin Cotter is managing partner for New Earth Market in Yuba City,

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