Boca do Rio to perform at Golden Era on Saturday |

Boca do Rio to perform at Golden Era on Saturday

Born in the transitional spaces between Brazil and the Mission District of San Francisco, Boca do Rio aspires to embody the African diaspora, alive through rhythms and pulses, the commonality that binds humans to the air we breathe, the food from which we nourish, the water we imbibe, and the love through which we flourish. Their music is a psychedelic samba-funk, rooted in traditional samba and baião but also very much its own, with all-original material and a sound that is fluid, adaptable and free. The band takes its name from the Portuguese term for the mouth of the river, where myriad streams converge into an energetic river of energetic momentum.

Boca do Rio was founded by percussionist Alex Calatayud, a native son of Goiania, Brazil, and Kevin Welch of Northern California, a guitarist and a scientist, who developed his love of the samba during his ecological research trips into the Amazon and across the expanse of Brazil. “Improvisation is a huge part of what we do,” writes Welch, but samba is at the heart of the band’s music. I think Americans need to hear samba as much for its spirit as its musicality. It started in favelas, with African roots and rhythms blending with European parlor music, but the thing that’s important for Americans is not just the carnival aspect, but its spirit of celebration.” They will be performing at the Golden Era on Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

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