Author from Grass Valley unveils first fiction book |

Author from Grass Valley unveils first fiction book

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"In The Company of Arrogance" is now available in paperback and electronic versions.
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“In The Company of Arrogance” is the first fiction novel by R.M. DeSanti. It’s now available in either paperback or in e-book format.

Thirty years before 9/11, a plan was conceived involving a single WMD. If successful, it would have shown the world the vulnerability of the United States.

Entrenched within the governing body of the Port of New York, the mastermind behind the unknown conspiracy is resurrected along with several resettled co-conspirators deep-rooted within a small town police department in Westchester County, New York. After arresting an organized crime member in the 1970s, a hard-nosed controversial small town ‘rookie’ beat cop, uncovers a world of gun-runners, murderers and conspirators concealed from the rest of the world for three decades.

After retiring from the police force in New York DeSanti, along with his wife, Annie, traveled and worked ‘on the road’ for 12 years from their RV. After volunteering for several nonprofit organizations in the area. The couple “hung up their keys” several years ago calling Grass Valley home. DeSanti and his wife can be heard on KVMR as volunteer radio hosts under the “Rockn’ Down Under” bi-weekly schedule.

Some other newspaper publications around the country by DeSanti include:

“The Qually Boundry,” about the 1838-1839 Trail of tears the Cherokee nation endured. “The Big Bang at Fiesta Key,” a short story about working at a famous resort in the Florida Keys. “Mates,” about two inseparable childhood friends eventually separated by their choice in careers. One enlisting in the Army and being sent to a war zone, the other joining the ‘Peace Corps.’

“In The Company of Arrogance” is written in plain New York street talk and at times can be brutally honest and graphic. It is available on in both print and electronic versions.

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