Alignment of the Star Tribes Friday, Saturday |

Alignment of the Star Tribes Friday, Saturday

A two-night event, “The Alignment of the Star Tribes,” happens at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley.

Participants include The Hip Hop Medicine Nation, a multi-cultural grass roots movement that embodies the unified power of Hip Hop as a healing force and as a true medicine, the Seven7sisters and Mothership Movement.

The event relates to a realignment of consciousness that is happening now around the world.

Tapping into the ancient powers of universal consciousness, the event will include an interactive exploration of the power of chant/song.

In Greek culture, sacred theater was called therapae, because it was considered to be a form of conscious evolution for the soul. These live performances, and ceremonial transmissions of sound, light, visuals, and dance, ignite a Evolutionary healing Movement, that heightens the senses and brings the audience into higher states of awareness, catalyzing unity and activating deep planetary transformation. For these ceremonial activation’s we are in direct alignment with the pleiades, through the power of our unified prayer/chant we are collectively assisting the transition into the fifth world of peace. For over 10 years, Seven7sisters Productions has been assisting the activation of planetary change through performance art, Seven7sisters is truly about the divine feminine principle, uniting woman to come together selflessly to use their creative powers to create massive positive change.

On Saturday, those who have been waiting since last year for the release of the seven voices images/seals will see them released at this event.

The seven voices are a series of sound interactive images, using the 72 names of god from the Shem Ha Mephoresh. These images/seals are designed to assist the tribes of light in unlocking ancient akashic records, that were concealed, until the time was right for these records to be revealed and remembered.

Now is that time!

The seven voices are vibratory keys into higher states of consciousness activated and unlocked through sound interaction. The twelve pointed star is at the root of each seal, it gets broken down into 4 triangles which are called gates, each gate represents a movement or activation into higher consciousness and is marked by one of the 72 names of god from the Shem Ha-mephoresh, as you work with the seals these gates of new consciousness open within you.The vibrational energies placed in each seal, through the use of sacred geometry, the hebrew fire letters, the holy names of god and sound activations set up a field of energy in the image.

These seals/mandalas are connected by sound vibration to each other and to the vibration/sound of the earth.

So if there are 300 copies of these seals being used in 300 different places, it enhances the energy transmission. they are all connected and therefore the healing transformation of the seals with more people using them will uplift those around that are not using them. The seals interact with sound of any kind, if they are placed on a wall and music is being played especially high frequency music 528 htz, they will work on their own emanating the divine information from within them.In working with this collection of images your soul and higher self will start to interact with the information written on the seal, this will unlock information you need now for your personal journey towards ascension.

These images will open you up to be able to access your inner knowing of many ancient tools that you had in the past that were neutralized due to an imbalance in humanity’s need for power. The tribes of light have all come back at this time to assist in the great planetary ascension which has been in process for almost 20 years. Depending on your higher self and your destiny, working with these images will help you to access much more of your brain capacity, soul knowledge and true potential. This transmission is guided and directed by the Shekinah life force, The direct feminine principle of the most high.

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