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1st ‘City of Light?’

Sunrise in Nevada City — supposedly said by the late prophet and seer Edgar Cayce to be the first "City of Light" in the world — is stunning in these photographs by local photographer and dance teacher Lucy Galbraith.
Photo by Lucy Galbraith |

As readers of this column may know, I’m big on magic.

Ditto to light.

Light, to me, is like magic — it invokes the highest potential we have here on Earth, and the utmost of grace and love.

If, as some say, the late prophet and psychic healer Edgar Cayce pointed to Nevada City as the first “City of Light” in the world, I’m totally down with that. Bring it on.

Cayce’s foundation, the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA, could not immediately be reached for confirmation of this pronouncement.

Suffice it to say that the rumor of Cayce’s designation has persisted and is being embraced.

Which brings us to sound healer Jan Cercone, proprietor of the Light Loft in Nevada City.

Cercone, who arrived last year from Marin County via sacred spots in France, is quite clear that she is here because she is aligned with the “City of Light” energy.

So much so, that she has started — among other things — a new three-month coaching program called “BE the Light.” (See http://www.soundandlighthealingarts.com for more information).

“The ‘City of Light’ means that there is an emerging high-level consciousness that brings more goodness through benevolent systems and social structures of living and creating a new paradigm,” Cercone said.

It also means that Nevada City is attracting a high percentage of artists and “citizens of hope, creativity and community reverence,” Cercone added.

“They revere community and their neighbors and having sustainable systems of government, food and water.”

Even if Edgar Cayce didn’t actually say it, “City of Light” is real, Cercone said.

“It’s not a fantasy,” she added. “It’s a new foundation for living in harmony with the planet — being grounded by goodness and foresight and by people who are drawn to the light.”

May this issue of Prospector shine more light on your life and raise your magic quotient.

And may you try not to gloat to friends in Sedona about your special, en-light-ened home town.

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