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A Spielberg classic: ‘Jaws’ to show in Auburn

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"Jaws" is a classic American thriller from director Steven Spielberg about a Great White shark.
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WHAT: “Jaws”

WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday, July 5

WHERE: State Theatre, 985 Lincoln Way, Auburn

TICKETS: General admission is $8

INFO: For more information visit www.livefromauburn.com or call 530-885-0156

Cinema at the State Theatre in Auburn presents “Jaws” at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 5.

The Auburn Placer Performance Arts Center presents the fifth film in the Spielberg Retrospective, the American classic three-time Oscar winner “Jaws.”

The Spielberg Retrospective pays homage to director Steven Spielberg, who revolutionized cinema with his first blockbuster, “Jaws” and continues with “Back to the Future,” “Jaws,” and “Saving Private Ryan.”

Based on a best-selling novel by Peter Benchley, “Jaws” is a classic American thriller that has left movie-watchers on the edge of their seats since its initial release four decades ago.

After a series of deadly shark attacks on Amity Island, the mayor recruits a fisherman to catch the shark.

But when he catches the wrong one, Police Chief Brody takes matters into his own hands and recruits two others to help him catch the deadly Great White.

““Jaws” is a splendidly shrewd cinematic equation which not only gives you one or two very nasty turns when you least expect them but, possibly more important, knows when to make you think another’s coming without actually providing it.” — Derek Malcolm, The Guardian, 1975.

“Like Warners’ ‘Exorcist’ of years ago, Universal’s ‘Jaws’ reeks of the sweet smell of success. Rarely has a picture generated quite so much advance want-to-see … ” — The Hollywood Reporter, 1975.

“Jaws” has a runtime of two hours and 10 minutes and will play at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 5, at the State Theatre, 985 Lincoln Way, Auburn. Tickets are $8.

For more information visit http://www.livefromauburn.com or call 530-885-0156.

Source: Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center.

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